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Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on IT-my, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.

  • Joebot Poop
    Joebot Poop

    I got an ad for wish while watching this

  • a maniac
    a maniac


  • KAt FoOd
    KAt FoOd

    This made me laugh so hard

  • Bdubrowan 13
    Bdubrowan 13

    I got only wish adds watching this

  • Emmasspicydoritos Official
    Emmasspicydoritos Official

    Iitreally god an ad for wish while I was watching this video

  • Torbjørn Frisch Moe
    Torbjørn Frisch Moe

    I just watched two wish ads before this video I figured the algurithm!

  • Patrick Archuleta
    Patrick Archuleta

    Wish I could get a hold of someone when I call. It's all bullshit

  • Patrick Archuleta
    Patrick Archuleta

    It's a big rip off you got shipping cost that is more than the items the majority is shipped from china.bottom line takes for ever to get your items.

  • Joe

    is it just me or are there more mid rolls than usual?

  • Allison Henning
    Allison Henning

    Amazon but a black market

  • That Guy Named George
    That Guy Named George

    9:40, and 15:39. so wish is like a free version of pornhub Pornhub better step up their game

  • Lif3time

    Wtf is the sound at 16:25? 👀

  • Debeli Lucijan
    Debeli Lucijan

    I Got 2 wish ads while watching this video and one was for a police vest that blocks bullets

  • Clargness Urchel
    Clargness Urchel

    “ Wish.com we don’t know ether ”

  • GalaxyTheWildCat

    I just love that intro lol

  • Minster

    I got a wish ad on this

  • Eve Telford
    Eve Telford

    I got a wish lipstick add...

  • Walte Rhoods
    Walte Rhoods

    Hello fresh expensive, way more than fast food or even normal food

  • Adam Spencer
    Adam Spencer

    While watching this i got a wish ad

  • Bib1027

    I should probably sleep ;-;

  • Justilyn Nevaeh
    Justilyn Nevaeh

    I love his shirt lol😂😂

  • coughdrops! Bingo bongo
    coughdrops! Bingo bongo

    “When you wish on wish.com, you can get *human teeth* “ -Danny Gonzalez, 2020

  • PurpleFuZeNadez Gaming
    PurpleFuZeNadez Gaming

    The intro tho 🤣🤣🤣

  • Generic Channel Name
    Generic Channel Name

    I can never focus because of that god damn inhaler photo in the back

  • Linsay Gaston
    Linsay Gaston

    You can put it on a old man... In case he gets stolen.....

  • Jess&Peter Bartley
    Jess&Peter Bartley

    I got a fricking Wish add in the middle of this video. Aaaah, Wish knows everything! 😳

  • Norma Jeane
    Norma Jeane

    He looks like josh from drake and Josh.

  • LearnTheTech

    I know you felt disturbed on the naked woman. I don't know why but I got an ad that had a naked women on it. I didn't search anything about naked women so I was disturbed too. It was an ad by 'jerkmate'.

  • Neo Politan
    Neo Politan

    Apparently google thinks i'm a Nazi

  • Jet Ray Studios
    Jet Ray Studios

    I ordered something on wish that no joke took 5 MONTHS to arrive...

  • OstPlayz

    I also found something called the black market. They sell kidneys lol

  • izzy chan Nyan Cat
    izzy chan Nyan Cat

    Help for some reason I want a bird holder even though I don't own a bird

  • Dagbjört Einarsdottir
    Dagbjört Einarsdottir

    I got a wish ad while watching this video

  • The Rick that will Roll you
    The Rick that will Roll you

    I legit got a wish ad.

  • Blursed way to die
    Blursed way to die

    Danny: What did I search? I don't know, what _did you_ search, Danny?

  • Salsa

    I am greg

  • Rebecca Jones
    Rebecca Jones

    Danny should make a video where he buys some of these items from wish to test them out!

  • Bruh Moments
    Bruh Moments


  • Queen Bee Azile
    Queen Bee Azile


  • justice hillery
    justice hillery

    i’m very late but this video made me laugh so hard i started crying 😂😭

  • Nicholas Bohl
    Nicholas Bohl

    wish dot com

  • Brendog

    Still thinking about how Jacksfilms had wish as a sponsor

  • Panda Boy
    Panda Boy

    I got a wish ad while watching this....

  • Crash1119 -
    Crash1119 -

    I got an ad for wish In this video

  • Dan

    what danny doesnt know is that that guy is actually just famous for having a lot of body hair, it has nothing to do with the oil

  • Ridhima Gohiya
    Ridhima Gohiya

    2:23 i dont know if i need more proof to believe that drew is the same as person as danny.... *flashback to drew's channel :* "My cat and I, both get very self conscious when someone looks at us"

  • Sienna Terenciuk
    Sienna Terenciuk

    why didnt u buy them???? what

  • Flamess Lps
    Flamess Lps

    WhEn YoU wIsH oN wIsH DoT cOm YoU cAn bUy HUMAN TEEEEEETH

  • 100% Gamer
    100% Gamer

    Why does this camera advertise dark souls? 11:00

  • Reem Al-Sadoon
    Reem Al-Sadoon

    While watching your video I got a wish add

  • Tinypeeks :p
    Tinypeeks :p

    *gets wish ad without even watching the beginning of the video* Me: 👁👄👁 Also me: I should have expected it Edit: so I finished watching the video and......I WAS SPAMMED WITH WISH ADS 😂

  • Hatsune Miku
    Hatsune Miku

    "It's weird this website" -Danny Gonzalez 2020

  • Mystic Animations
    Mystic Animations

    I want chicken helmets

  • Kris Rojas
    Kris Rojas

    I for real got an ad from wish halfway through the video.

  • Charlee Lomas-Hanlon
    Charlee Lomas-Hanlon

    I got a wish ad before this

  • Sif Smith
    Sif Smith

    Weirdly enough, I can actually explain the bird holder. You use it for restraining birds during medical procedures, particularly pigeons. It keeps the bird in place and leaves your hands free to admin meds or inspect injuries. I've never used one myself, the only bird restrainer I've used was custom made and softer, but it was a similar concept.

  • StxrryNxght

    i just got a wish ad wtf

  • KingchungusLit

    I legit got an ad for wish while watching this video

  • Sean Wilford
    Sean Wilford

    AHA I came PREPARED for my child to be kidnapped.... I did not hear the beep. I’ve narrowed it down to.. not. here.

  • KreamPeaz

    Wow I didnt know I could just buy teeth instead of waiting to be born and growing some

  • LetsGetRandom

    Dude.. Ali express is SO MUCH WORSE

  • Pennywise the CIown
    Pennywise the CIown

    “You can buy...” 👁 👁 👄 *H U M A N T E E T H*

  • Hatsune Miku
    Hatsune Miku

    /\ | ¥£$ ( •_•)



  • krosw

    Bought some mask in 2019 and I’m still waiting on them can’t wait 😌

  • Pine Apple
    Pine Apple

    I'm not even lying I got a wish ad half what through this vid

  • Witchy Hoo
    Witchy Hoo

    No, Danny, they wouldn’t rub the muscle cream onto their face. They’d rub it onto their abdomen, and that’s how their face would look better.

  • Leafy Sweets
    Leafy Sweets

    I got a wish Ad On this video

  • My Not So Ordinary Life
    My Not So Ordinary Life

    Please sub to Danny he is so funny

  • Linda Maria Olop
    Linda Maria Olop

    im loving the wish ads on this video

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