WORLD'S LARGEST Gymnastics Fort! (Hide and Seek w/ RZ Twin ) Rebecca Zamolo
Rebecca Zamolo
Rebecca Zamolo made a giant gymnastics fort for Hide and Seek with RZ Twin!
Rebecca Zamolo saw a secret video of RZ Twin ninja training at a gymnastics facility but when they arrived she was missing. Matt and Rebecca decided to trick RZ twin by pretending to do a fun gymnastics challenge where they build a giant fort. The best friends would then find the best hiding spot and search for her. The Game Master incorporated has been hacking into our channel since we signed the contract and we need to talk to RZ twin who can reveal the truth. Matt and Rebecca begin making the giant fort mansion and every 2 minutes they must do a gymnastics skill. Rebecca decides to do a back flip on the tumble track and Matt does the uneven bars. Daniel is the worst gymnast but tries the balance beam. This is the tallest fort we have ever made. RZ Twin stays hidden while we secretly try to find her. The next gymnastics tricks are in the pit where we can search for her. Rebecca does a back full twist off the vault while Matt flips into the foam pit. Once the giant gymnastics fort is finished Rebecca thinks RZ twin is still missing. Daniel notices her sneaking outside and it turns into a chase. They have a secret meeting where she reveals the truth about the GMI. Do you trust RZ Twin as a part of the Game Master network? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!

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Find Rebecca!
Hide and Seek Challenge

  • Rebecca Zamolo
    Rebecca Zamolo

    Did you see RZ Twin while we were making the giant gymnastics fort? Be sure to go to so you can earn points for watching all the way through without skipping and win merch!!

    • shelbyzzz life!
      shelbyzzz life!


    • anayah springer
      anayah springer


    • anayah springer
      anayah springer

      Yes I saw rz twin she was behind Daniel so she would know th at u all are not actually doing a real challenge

    • Livy Land
      Livy Land

      Hey I saw rz twin she was behind the beam close to Daniele and they were hacking into the ur vid and I watched all of ur game master vids can I get a shout out plz

    • carla arroyo
      carla arroyo

      I saw her she still in the gym

  • xXxXxshanixXxXx

    I saw the RZ Twin next to you

  • Tameca Leach
    Tameca Leach

    200 fet

  • Sienna Kurpis
    Sienna Kurpis

    Look I can see rz twin

  • Juanita Hoke
    Juanita Hoke

    i saw her

  • Julian Garcia
    Julian Garcia

    I saw here if you think click the button

  • itz graceglow
    itz graceglow

    OMG what was that??? 6:10?? Watch the other blue mat....

  • Michael Olasode
    Michael Olasode

    Gymnastics squad.

  • Katie Farrell
    Katie Farrell

    Find her

  • Looloo Lox
    Looloo Lox

    I have seen her with Daniel

  • Unicorn sparkles Rainbow
    Unicorn sparkles Rainbow

    I saw rz twin she was walking off well rebbca was getting a Matt

  • Nabil Kouatly
    Nabil Kouatly

    I sa Rez TWIN

  • Maryann Colinia
    Maryann Colinia

    At 9:11 I saw rz twin give this comment a thumbs up if you saw let's see how many zam family saw her

  • Brooklyn The Best
    Brooklyn The Best

    i saw rz twin hiding behind the block

  • Brawl Stars - Kevin Lu
    Brawl Stars - Kevin Lu

    Gymnastics Squad

  • Jennica Anne Mendoza
    Jennica Anne Mendoza

    Everyone last episode watch it i send a commet i said "Rebecca!! I know GMI Means its Game Master Internet

  • Toni Gibson
    Toni Gibson

    I saw RZ twin

  • Amanda Serong
    Amanda Serong

    gymnastics squad

  • shemarie bawalan
    shemarie bawalan

    I see rz twin

  • Samantha Wooten
    Samantha Wooten

    At 16:10 and 16:14 rz twin was there

  • Manzon Sabina Cielo
    Manzon Sabina Cielo

    Ever since game master came rebbeca has been doing like only gm videos I kinda maybe wanna see videos like regular videos. No hate tho!

  • Thanya Rivera
    Thanya Rivera

    The gmi hacked into the video

  • Dina Kleckner
    Dina Kleckner

    I dont know

  • Dina Kleckner
    Dina Kleckner

    I dont know

  • Michelle Urrutia
    Michelle Urrutia

    And again at the bars now where matt was

  • Michelle Urrutia
    Michelle Urrutia

    I saw Rz twin in THE Matt in THE blues box Matt see

  • Mea Potgieter
    Mea Potgieter

    Rebecca in your video the GMI cept apearing

  • Mea Potgieter
    Mea Potgieter

    At 6:16 when daniel was getting a block RZ twin came out from behinde a nother block

  • Lois Landry
    Lois Landry

    At 11:00 I seen rz twin behind the blue mat and was make a blue thing so the man can drank it and then she left and when she left the dronk it and the man went too te ground rz twin took him...😙😙😙love you rebecca and matt

  • Terry Clark
    Terry Clark

    I sore RZ twin

  • Amy Williams
    Amy Williams

    Gymnastics Squad

  • Velvet Quiroz
    Velvet Quiroz

    I see rz twin and someone is hacking you!😱

  • Mary Miranda
    Mary Miranda

    I saw RZ twin

  • Mary Jane Conlu
    Mary Jane Conlu

    i so her

  • Avalie House
    Avalie House

    matt i saw rz twin at 852

  • Xiuqun Mei
    Xiuqun Mei

    I saw RZ Twin, she's trying to hide

  • Filisonu'u Vuni
    Filisonu'u Vuni

    I never build a fort

  • Filisonu'u Vuni
    Filisonu'u Vuni

    She was there Matt was like at the front of rz twin .she was wearing a black hood

  • Filisonu'u Vuni
    Filisonu'u Vuni

    While u guys were playing there was two man's on the screem

  • Filisonu'u Vuni
    Filisonu'u Vuni

    I know who was there it was rz twin

  • Debbie Brown
    Debbie Brown

    I saw her

  • Jessie Justice
    Jessie Justice

    Gymnastics squad

  • Eric Davis
    Eric Davis

    At 8:49 when the Matt was getting a mat RC twin was behind the other box near the bars

  • Lols are great
    Lols are great

    At 9:13 there was rz twin

  • locotron hernondez
    locotron hernondez

    I saw RZ twin Rebecca I saw RZ twin when you were lifting up the the mat

  • maria costarelli
    maria costarelli

    I saw RZ twin

  • sophia liu
    sophia liu

    I think I just saw her again

  • sophia liu
    sophia liu

    I think I saw rz twin

  • Presley isaacs
    Presley isaacs

    RZ twine was behind the mat

  • Eva Elliott
    Eva Elliott

    I saw rz twin try to sneak out at 9 : 10

  • Eva Elliott
    Eva Elliott

    I saw rz twin when Daniel got a block there was a small block behind it and she was behind it like if u agree

  • Larissa Stecei
    Larissa Stecei

    A’m 2

  • Emese Valkovszky
    Emese Valkovszky

    I saw RZ twin and GMI kept hacking in

  • Laci Loudy
    Laci Loudy

    I saw RZ Twin

  • Mary Woon
    Mary Woon

    She walked past you

  • Eunice Loots
    Eunice Loots

    I saw RZ twin

  • Christina Ries
    Christina Ries

    I saw AZ twin sneaking out

  • Amanda Olmstead
    Amanda Olmstead

    I saw RZ twin sneak out before matt made the Fort fall

  • Jinni Hickok
    Jinni Hickok

    rzt was behind the blue block were daneyl was

  • Jinni Hickok
    Jinni Hickok

    do you guss have a kid becuse thers a kid in the video

  • Zoey Moreno
    Zoey Moreno

    It’s all the behind the cube did you did your friend the cameraman see him

  • Biotechnology Bachelor
    Biotechnology Bachelor

    When Daniel was going to take the box RZ twin was hiding in the box to the left

  • Biotechnology Bachelor
    Biotechnology Bachelor

    Gymnastics squad😎

  • lisa blackburn
    lisa blackburn

    I saw rz twin


    Gymnastics Squad I love you guys can I get a shot out

  • Hailey Scott
    Hailey Scott

    Gymnastics Squad

  • Natalia Fernandez
    Natalia Fernandez

    i sowe the rz twin

  • Erin Ray
    Erin Ray

    I seen RZ twin.

  • Candice Lee
    Candice Lee

    Yes I did

  • Devin Fitzpatrick
    Devin Fitzpatrick

    I saw your RZ twin

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