WORLD'S LARGEST Gymnastics Fort! (Hide and Seek w/ RZ Twin ) Rebecca Zamolo
Rebecca Zamolo
Rebecca Zamolo made a giant gymnastics fort for Hide and Seek with RZ Twin!
Rebecca Zamolo saw a secret video of RZ Twin ninja training at a gymnastics facility but when they arrived she was missing. Matt and Rebecca decided to trick RZ twin by pretending to do a fun gymnastics challenge where they build a giant fort. The best friends would then find the best hiding spot and search for her. The Game Master incorporated has been hacking into our channel since we signed the contract and we need to talk to RZ twin who can reveal the truth. Matt and Rebecca begin making the giant fort mansion and every 2 minutes they must do a gymnastics skill. Rebecca decides to do a back flip on the tumble track and Matt does the uneven bars. Daniel is the worst gymnast but tries the balance beam. This is the tallest fort we have ever made. RZ Twin stays hidden while we secretly try to find her. The next gymnastics tricks are in the pit where we can search for her. Rebecca does a back full twist off the vault while Matt flips into the foam pit. Once the giant gymnastics fort is finished Rebecca thinks RZ twin is still missing. Daniel notices her sneaking outside and it turns into a chase. They have a secret meeting where she reveals the truth about the GMI. Do you trust RZ Twin as a part of the Game Master network? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment comedy videos in 2019!

#gymnastics #hideandseek #RZtwin
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Find Rebecca!
Hide and Seek Challenge

  • Rebecca Zamolo
    Rebecca Zamolo

    Did you see RZ Twin while we were making the giant gymnastics fort? Be sure to go to so you can earn points for watching all the way through without skipping and win merch!!

    • Carrol Dickinson
      Carrol Dickinson

      I saw rz twin 2 times when Matt was getting the light blue Matt and when rebecca was getting the orange matt

    • Sophiezoe Marx
      Sophiezoe Marx

      Rebecca Zamolo I saw RZ twin she was sneaking out the door when you were at the high bars

    • Katelyn Howard
      Katelyn Howard

      I saw RZ twin!

    • Marta Marinho
      Marta Marinho


    • Queen Jackson
      Queen Jackson

      I sod RZ Twin

  • kane gorg
    kane gorg

    At 9:10 there was rz twin to the left

  • Lay lay Lambert
    Lay lay Lambert

    I just saw RZ twin she is in there

  • Cailyn Mcelhiney
    Cailyn Mcelhiney

    Gymnastics squad

  • Renae Snowden-Leak
    Renae Snowden-Leak

    9:13 RZ Twin was sneaking out behind u

  • Gail Madden
    Gail Madden

    I saw rz twin when matt was getting the matt and when Rebecca was getting the orange matt

  • Gail Madden
    Gail Madden

    This is how many people like Rebecca zamolo

  • Gail Madden
    Gail Madden

    Ya she was spying on u

  • Jim Mauro
    Jim Mauro

    I saw her

  • Korrine Casillas
    Korrine Casillas

    Rz twin was watching Daniel while he was getting mats also when Rebecca was getting mats she was on the other side

  • Weradate Jirapornmanee
    Weradate Jirapornmanee

    I think as we twin twice anyway I can’t believe you didn’t see her and what I got you two

  • Heather Hess
    Heather Hess

    I saw the GMI

  • Lisa Sullivan
    Lisa Sullivan

    Rz twin is not a clone she is a pz

  • Wilfred Amponsah
    Wilfred Amponsah

    I love your vidio rebeca

  • Alexis and Lilly's Adventures
    Alexis and Lilly's Adventures

    Gymnastics squad

  • Jayda Jefferson
    Jayda Jefferson

    Gymnastics squad

  • Shzion Horton
    Shzion Horton

    We’re are you from

  • Nylah Labour
    Nylah Labour

    I see that the GMI hacking into the video

  • Joel Sehkar
    Joel Sehkar

    Rebecca I saw r.z behind you when you were getting a red mat

  • Sue Chapman
    Sue Chapman


  • Ilaysha Djemadi
    Ilaysha Djemadi

    ik heb Rz twin gezien

  • Jaylynn Owens
    Jaylynn Owens

    I seen her

  • Morgan Mayes
    Morgan Mayes

    RZ twin is there and watching you guys

  • Anwar Playz
    Anwar Playz

    Rebecca by the front entrance are the twin was there

  • Sajida Zain
    Sajida Zain

    Rz twin has a youtub. Chanalle I don't

  • Maria Ponquinette
    Maria Ponquinette

    I. See. Her

  • ya123 doggy
    ya123 doggy

    When you was getting mad. Arlington laugh

  • Lillie Myers
    Lillie Myers

    I saw RZtwin when you took the orange mat

  • emily vargas
    emily vargas

    I saw Rz twin behind the mats she was sneaking behind him

  • emily vargas
    emily vargas

    My phone glitched to the gym I I’m part of the exam Pham and my name is Camila but my phone glitched a GM I signed

  • Kelly Burton
    Kelly Burton

    Gymnastics squad

  • Liana Sings
    Liana Sings

    The GMI agents were hacking in to the video

  • Sam dunn
    Sam dunn

    Hi Rebecca I did see rz twin sneaking out of the door

  • uktardis

    RZ twin

  • Laiba Shahzad
    Laiba Shahzad

    Gymnastics squad

  • Zeenat Amir
    Zeenat Amir

    At 5:47 it was glitched out I saw the 2 agent r and agent s

  • Aviva Sandler
    Aviva Sandler

    We all saw RZ twin like if you saw her leave 👎

  • Bryn Persson
    Bryn Persson

    If you look when Rebecca was grabbing the orange mat she was running

  • Bryn Persson
    Bryn Persson

    I saw RZ twin

  • BRAYDEN Whitley
    BRAYDEN Whitley

    The GM I kept popping up

  • Jerlyn Nunez
    Jerlyn Nunez

    I saw the glitch of the gmi members

  • Bryce Hartley
    Bryce Hartley

    Gymnastics Gaga

  • Amilcar Arriola
    Amilcar Arriola

    Rebecca RZ twin in the levt she slept behind you

  • Shantel Ferrer
    Shantel Ferrer

    Your screen is has BMI on it

  • nancy riddle
    nancy riddle

    I saw RZ Twin

  • Leah Ritenour
    Leah Ritenour

    gymnastics squad

  • corian Duncan
    corian Duncan

    i saw rz twin MATT rz twin was by you

  • corian Duncan
    corian Duncan

    the gmi was in the glitch

  • corian Duncan
    corian Duncan

    the video glitched.tell me if you saw it

  • corian Duncan
    corian Duncan

    in one of the videos it glitched,i saw the red hood

  • Joseph Heafey
    Joseph Heafey

    Gymnastics squad

    • Joseph Heafey
      Joseph Heafey

      Check the vid Rz twin was spying 👀 on you

    • Joseph Heafey
      Joseph Heafey

      The Gmi was hacking the vid

    • Joseph Heafey
      Joseph Heafey

      Rz twin was spying on you the whole time watch out

  • Danh Koop33
    Danh Koop33

    Rz twin. Got out

  • Isabella Pengelly
    Isabella Pengelly

    It is so ironic that when Daniel says that he hopes RZ twin doesn't jump out- then she shows up behind him Like if you thought that as well

  • geeta mylvaganam
    geeta mylvaganam

    ARS eternis behind the blue block

    • geeta mylvaganam
      geeta mylvaganam

      RZ twin is behind the blue block

  • Cassandra Adams
    Cassandra Adams

    I saw RZ twiz

  • Sophiezoe Marx
    Sophiezoe Marx

    On the screen it flashed a picture of agent R and agent S

  • Amanda Palmer
    Amanda Palmer

    i saw rz twin

  • Jessica Disharoon
    Jessica Disharoon

    Gymnastics squad

  • fatimah bayabi
    fatimah bayabi

    rz was behind all of you i hink she try to escape

  • Little Kaity Minecraft
    Little Kaity Minecraft

    I do exercises every day for me and how many you do all the time and RZ Twin I love playing hide and seek

  • Kenley Johnson
    Kenley Johnson

    I saw Rz twin

  • Kenley Johnson
    Kenley Johnson

    Gymnastics squad


    I saw RZ twin behind a blue block


    Gymnastics squad

  • Nicholas D'souza
    Nicholas D'souza

    I srw rztwin🧐😏


    gymnastilcs squad

  • Cindy Chavis
    Cindy Chavis

    RZ Matt

  • Tabitha Boyer
    Tabitha Boyer

    The Camera Is flickering

  • Eden Hemphill
    Eden Hemphill

    Gymnastics squad

  • alice baluski
    alice baluski

    build a houseat my house and it was as big as my house

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