WOW! Jussie Smollett HIT WITH 6 COUNTS! James Charles, The Hunt, & How Bernie vs Pete Will Play Out
Philip DeFranco
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Jussie Smollett Indicted:
Universal Moves Forward with the “The Hunt” After Cancellation:
Bernie Sanders Wins New Hampshire Primary:
Internet Users Criticize $36K Donations for Dancer Who Fell From 15-Foot Pole:
Edited by: James Girardier, Julie Goldberg
Produced by: Amanda Morones
Art Director: Brian Borst
Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn, Maddie Crichton, Cory Ray, Neena Pesqueda, Katie Calo
#DeFranco #JussieSmollett #BernieSanders

  • Philip DeFranco
    Philip DeFranco

    Tried a different format today. Spon at the top and then nothing but news. We'll see how that goes since people love change. lol Timecodes: Jussie (1:27), The Hunt (5:07), New Hampshire (10:00)

    • Ariel Harmony
      Ariel Harmony

      I’m voting for Bernie and no one else. I was trying to get into a mental hospital and they lied about my level of disability to get me into a cheaper place. That place wasn’t equipped for my level of disability and I ended up getting injured and sent home so now we’re not only am I still dealing with the same mental health issues but now the muscle is ripping off of my breast bone... Michigan healthcare is killing people and no one here cares. If I don’t kill me my body will and I’m tired of IT-my therapy and web md instead of actually getting help!!

    • houseofaction

      There is no scientific evidence that the “sulfate-free” component makes shampoo gentler than other shampoos that contain sulfates. like literally no evidence

    • houseofaction

      that is sulfate free propaganda, in reality sulfate free shampoo leads to increased hair loss, and can't clean your hair of the pollution of the city

    • B.AL Studios
      B.AL Studios

      I much prefer it this way then having ads in the middle of the show

    • Raz

      Smollet not being in jail yet is mindblowing... Also people still getting triggered by movie plots in 2020 is hilariously dumb... 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe

    Is this tv for ADD people? Why are there 10,000 jump cuts? Take your Ritalin and you won't need all that production.

  • an0nym0us9001 —
    an0nym0us9001 —

    Lynch Smollett

  • iheartigloos

    I am torn with who to vote for. There is information overload out there and it's overwhelming to me. Do we vote for who we want to win or do we go with the person who isn't the worst choice because they have a better chance of actually winning? Does our vote really matter in the grand scheme of things?....They seem to do what they want anyways. Ugh. My head is spinning. =X_x=

  • iheartigloos

    The story around the Hunt is ironic considering Trump supporters and lovers are one of the most violent groups...causing discord, promoting white supremacy, and encouraging people to take violent action against anyone who they don't like.

  • Richard Reese
    Richard Reese

    Micheal Obama’s chief of staff contacted Fox that’s what got her involved

  • The Gaming Oubliette&more
    The Gaming Oubliette&more

    Weren’t the attackers supposed to be Trump supporters wearing Trump hats or something along those lines?

  • rocklesson86

    I am a Bernie Sanders supporter and if he doesn't win the primaries, I will go for Elizabeth Warren and then Joe Biden.

  • Rafael Murta
    Rafael Murta

    for the first time we outraged the right wing? um yes im watching it

  • Rafael Murta
    Rafael Murta

    and tht extra discount of 99 cents for the college students * terms and service may apply

  • Jackson Klages
    Jackson Klages

    It's a movie guys, don't take it so seriously 😂

  • Starlah Mutiny
    Starlah Mutiny

    Those that are sensitive to the content of The Hunt are clearly seeing something about the plot in their own selves and theyre scared/bitch ass whiney brats. The Purge is okay but not this?

  • Bryan Wang
    Bryan Wang

    I never understood why the right is so salty about "The Hunt". When I first watched the trailer, I immediately thought, wow what a cool movie idea, the ones being hunted seem pretty badass, they're fighting against the "elite".

  • Snr. Froggy Mooopew
    Snr. Froggy Mooopew

    Jissy Mallets

  • alex91387

    Bernie is my guy. I’d jump to Warren next. Then Buttigieg. I’m voting blue either way and hope it’s not Bloomberg

  • Christopher King
    Christopher King

    Bernie, and then if not Bernie, Pete.

  • Elliot Agosto
    Elliot Agosto

    LOL the hunt is only getting pulled because it's showing liberals and their true light they claim to be tolerate and all inclusive but in reality they're the bigots and Nazis

  • Elliot Agosto
    Elliot Agosto

    If juicy Smollett doesn't get at least 2 or 3 years of jail time and restitution it's pretty obvious why he doesn't his connections to the Obamas is black privilege and Hayes alphabet Mafia homosexual privilege

  • KING Vincent Arch Craven XIII
    KING Vincent Arch Craven XIII

    hey phil can we start a fundraiser to "catch" jussie smollets attackers since he is now too scared to push further against his attackers like he once said. these dangerous, homophobic and racist attackers need to be found so jussie can live in peice. what id these attackers attack someone else. jussei was so gung ho on making these attackers pay and now he doesnt. He needs our help people.

  • TheBizzle1984

    I don't get the Jussie Smollett thing. I thought the USA had double jeopardy laws. If he was charged and the charges were dropped, how can he be recharged?

  • heartgirl40

    EASY first choice: Bernie Sanders begrudged second: Elizabeth Warren SUPER distant third: Amy Klobuchar

  • Hayley McDonald
    Hayley McDonald

    Hi everyone, how are we doing today? I’m just popping in to put my opinion. I think I speak for the vast majority of us when I say we want Philip Defranco to run for presidency. He’s morally good and actually intelligent. In my professional (I’m not a professional) opinion, he would make a bomb ass president. Thanks for joining my ted talk.

  • donks 01
    donks 01

    To the Trump supporters whining about the hunt. It's a movie trope you've never cared about before. I'd argue many of you not only watched but enjoyed The condemned with Stone Cold Steve Austin. Or the remake of Death race with Jason Statham. But do go on, you are entitled to an opinion...........

  • donks 01
    donks 01

    Honestly don't care if it's true or not but NEVER try to sell me a product while claiming and taking like you have personal experience with the product. Because of 90% of celebrity endorsements being complete BS I'm not believing any of it. Read the boy who cried wolf. NOW let's watch the clip.

  • Angie's Username
    Angie's Username

    I may be totally wrong but despite Biden and Buttigieg both being marketed as moderates, I don't think it's a given that Buttigieg supporters would turn to Biden as an alternative. Buttigieg does have a lot of older supporters but he's also still a progressive so I think just as many of his supporters would turn to Bernie. Personally, Bernie would be my first choice, but I'd also fully support Buttigieg or Warren.

  • gonace

    If Jussie Smollett where white, and lied about being jumped by non-whites, he would hang from the gallows by now, we all know it.

  • Chris Anderson
    Chris Anderson

    I was going to vote for Yang but it seems people don’t like the idea of Universal Basic Income and good changes. Everyone wants Bernie despite the fact he endorsed Hillary and dropped out of last race so she could lose to Trump. I’m not exactly for Bernie since he killed Yang by being a career politician so at this point I don’t like any of the democrats options right now.

  • Grey

    1. Bernie 2. Warren 3. Please don't make me vote for Joe Biden

  • VioletByNature

    I was devastated when Andrew Yang had to drop out. My next vote will probably be Bernie. Then possibly Biden.

  • u2zero2u

    Not only is he an extremely unethical person he is a complete moron. His charges were dropped when he could have been charged so he should have been extremely happy but he is a moron so he went out and not only kept professing his innocence he then made a decision that rivals the stupidity of the fake attack, he started talking bad about the Chicago PD.

  • omega5040

    Didn't Trump encourage for someone to shoot Hilary during the campaign?

  • Francis Siberini Films
    Francis Siberini Films

    Shampoo looks cool and I'd like to support. But I will never spend more than £10 on shampoo let alone $25. Not trying to complain just giving feedback on the price. Looks cool though :D

  • Erica Colburn
    Erica Colburn

    Why didn't James Charles open this show in the same way other guests of your podcast have opened the show when they've been on?

  • Mogens Linnet
    Mogens Linnet

    Well, if we have to pause production of action movies, every time a mass shooting occurs in the US there's not going to be a new John Wick.

  • Connor Dayman
    Connor Dayman

    Bernie Sanders is a dinosaur. His entire campaign is probably a publicity stunt for the Dr.Scholls company.

  • Jessica V
    Jessica V

    For me, the ideal presidential situation would be: Four years of Sanders with Pete as the VP then President Pete after that. I think we need the angry old man who has been fighting the same fight his whole life to get in there and whip everyone into shape. Then Pete can keep the ball rolling after gaining experience and respect as VP

  • Trevor Przepiora
    Trevor Przepiora

    I love the way beautiful bastards sounds :D

  • Marissa Claudio
    Marissa Claudio

    1. Bernie 2. Warren

  • Cady Castle
    Cady Castle

    The Hunt looks like a pretty bombass thriller/horror movie and I can't wait to see it. I don't pay much attention to media outlets so I had no idea anything even about this movie before I saw the trailer for it to come out In March and honestly I don't see what all the issues are even about.Besides the plot being rich Liberals instead of Republicans the plot isnt all that different from the Purge movies.

  • Kristian Clancy
    Kristian Clancy

    I'm always sad when there's no "Today in awesome" links in the descript.

  • Danny

    My order of preference is: Bernie Yang (rip my dude) Warren Amy Pete Biden whoever the fuck else is in the race I'll definitely vote blue no matter who though in order to get Trump out of office. I'm from MN though and have already early voted for Bernie.

  • Digos HNDRXX
    Digos HNDRXX

    Amy... “Donald’s worst nightmare are the people in the middle” lol the people who are to scared to actually make change so the are just in the center...

  • justicewalking

    Wait. Didn't Trump call for that movie to be banned? Which is exactly what the right complains the left does all the time. Where were all the outraged mega hats when that happened. I didn't hear anyone on the right calling the president a snowflake or talk about safe spaces.

  • jokerlaughs first
    jokerlaughs first

    I am here on behalf of NeebsGaming. They've been hacked and lost their channel and asked we come here to gain support. If there's a way you can help them please do.

  • Just Trash
    Just Trash

    Nothing but respect for Andrew Yang, I really wish he could’ve gotten further in the presidential race


    if you do something right after an election, you are trying to nullify the election. if you do something right before an election, you are trying to derail an election... but we are always coming up on an election, or getting over one, so how about elected officials stop politicizing due process.

  • Smirked Freikugel
    Smirked Freikugel

    Trump 2020 is sooner than you think

  • daisy potter
    daisy potter

    #berniefirst but would consider kolburn

  • rockbottom2786

    i heard " new hampster caucus"

  • George Rogers
    George Rogers

    I'm not voting this year of its trump v. Bloomberg or Biden

  • Brian Ayres
    Brian Ayres

    #saveneebsgaming IT-my channel with over 2 million subscribers hacked over weekend. Many more have been hacked.

  • Cecilia

    Why don't the US voting system allow a democratic party, a republican party and a moderate party? Here in Sweden we have several parties spread out all over the spectrum so no view pushes another one out. Of course we still have out two major parties going neck to neck, but there's at least the option in the end. I'm not critisizing the system, I just want to know how it works. And especially why there are always only two major sides when there's clearly more sides trapped withing the two larger ones? Would the split of the votes ensure a republican victory every time? Can the republican party be split into republican and moderate, and then the democratic party into democratic and liberal? I'm just very confused xD

  • GPTDavid

    There is only one front runner.

  • KlusterFuk

    I'm not saying it's a bad idea nor anything bad about your shampoo products but why is a person who sits in front of a camera all day and talks getting into the beauty industry what are your credentials what makes you qualified for it and didn't you talk about other IT-myrs that did exactly what you're basically doing? And didn't you think it was a dumb idea? What changed your mind the profits? How gullible your child fanbase is? Easily manipulated into buying literally anything you ask them to? Typical IT-my.

  • Bailey Miller
    Bailey Miller

    I'm 18, I live in California, and this is my first election I have the privilege of voting in, and as demographics suggest, I am all in on Bernie, but no matter who wins the nomination, my vote goes to them because any of the democratic candidates are better than the status quo in my opinion.

  • Chris M
    Chris M

    He got community service but supposedly wasn’t guilty. Something smells 🐠 🐟

  • Nancie Nordwick
    Nancie Nordwick

    I saw the trailer for Hunt. I wasn't aware if its previous promotion. The trailer made me sick to my stomach because killing people is nothing to joke about.

  • Roy Boy
    Roy Boy

    Write in Tulsi Gabbard

  • E P
    E P

    I'm a progressive, and I agree with new hampshire: Bernie, jump ship to buttigeg, biden is LAST

  • Logan Kerlee
    Logan Kerlee

    My vote's for Bernie. He's my main choice. If I had to choose another candidate my choice would be Buttigieg. I'm definitely not pumped for Buttigieg but if I have to vote for him I will.

    • Logan Kerlee
      Logan Kerlee

      @Anthony Balista If he won the primaries that's who I'd vote for. Bernie has my vote if he wins though, obviously. I'm just saying that my vote will be Democrat regardless.

    • Anthony Balista
      Anthony Balista

      How in the world could you possibly still be for booty rat after what he was involved with?

  • ktbwrs

    1. Bernie 2. Buttigieg 3. Warren

  • Leia Bouarki
    Leia Bouarki

    Franklin's comment about how the movie is planting the thought that it's okay to shoot someone because they wear a MAGA hat just makes me laugh. These people plant the exact thought about arabs, muslims, black people and basically anyone who are different.

  • Ms Moon
    Ms Moon

    1- Sanders 2- Warren 3- Whoever gets the nomination. But, man, please it it be Bernie. The man has conviction, heart, experience and the best future plan for the people before the profit. Only one who actually has the will to try and stop corruption and get money out of politics - it is the only way to move forward with a candidate who is not and never been beholden to special interest or lobbyists and had been true to his policies and values all his life unlike the others. #voteprogressive He has the movement, the youth and respect so much that people from other countries pray that America reclaims its status with him at its helm to calm the growing nationalism and divisiveness around the world. #NotMeUs #unite #unity #thinkprogress #notregress #notostatusquo

  • Oscar Ruelas
    Oscar Ruelas

    any democrat except joe biden is better than trump, but if biden becomes the candidate I'd still vote democrat.

  • Ross Kirwan
    Ross Kirwan

    Phil I love you beautiful bastard but need you 6 times a week! Would rather you do 2 months on 1 month off. Or something along John Oliver's schedule 💖💖💖

  • Bryce Jones
    Bryce Jones

    LOLOL KILLARY SWANK Releases a movie about murdering people for their political leanings. Releases a statement saying she can't comprehend the political violence in her country. Yep, she definitely is an actor.

  • Jame O
    Jame O

    Annnd can't wait to see The Hunt

  • Jame O
    Jame O

    Hell YEAH Chicago, go get him

  • scaryasitseems

    Wait why is James Charles in the title???

  • Las águilas
    Las águilas

    "the most talked about movie that nobody watched" Cats?

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