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The Nerd wrestles with a ton of bad NES and SNES games based on wrestling, including WWF WrestleMania Challenge, WWF Royal Rumble, WCW SuperBrawl Wrestling, and Saturday Night Slam Masters. This is Angry Videogame Nerd episode 149
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  • Justin G.
    Justin G.

    I think he let his hatred for LJN get in the way when it comes to SNES/Sega's Royal Rumble and RAW. I mean after all it really wasn't made by LJN....it was made by Acclaims Salt Lake City Sculptured Software and only PUBLISHED by LJN. Those games where fine, the grappling was easy despite how it's presented here, and they actually had each wrestlers finishers; which previous games lacked.

  • Wade

    The one on Sega Genesis has a "grapple meter" and you can tell if you're beating the computer. My Niece and I play it all the time..she loves it. She always wants to be Shawn Michaels or Brett "The Hitman" Hart, because Shawn's pants have hearts on them and Brett Hart has pink pants on in the game, lol

  • Dark Doge X-s Tech
    Dark Doge X-s Tech

    I love the fact that he plays as the undertaker in every video segment. Love it! (FYI Undertaker is my personal favorite wrestler.)

  • beyblade master247
    beyblade master247

    You forgot wrestlemania 2000, and wwf no mercy. They are better than wwe 2k20 somehow.

  • Tyrel Luna
    Tyrel Luna

    Y'know. I was watching this on the comedown of two hits of acid, and I was convinced you knew people like me watch your show, as I was. Because it just worked so well. The high contrast/colorful background, the random transitions into absurd situations, and those exaggerated facial expressions. Made me feel like a 7 year old watching Saturday Morning Cartoons again.

  • john johnny
    john johnny

    Dang I loved that mania arcade style game. Spent many weekends with friends

  • Christian Thrash
    Christian Thrash

    The only good saga of WWE games is the SVR series...

  • Capstar666

    Stone Cold!

  • Ben Retzer
    Ben Retzer

    He should of had Cm punk or Xavier woods help him do the review

  • ScorpionDeathlock

    I wish the Nerd reviewed WCW Nitro and WCW Thunder for PS1.

  • Harrison McKinney
    Harrison McKinney

    He didn’t do WCW/NWO Revenge because that game was freakin perfect!

  • jagged tears
    jagged tears

    Where’s Ring King?

  • phenom_ 1986
    phenom_ 1986

    LJN made WWF Royal Rumble on the Sega genesis? That game didn't suck!

  • Pepsolman

    So is this where Strong Bad from Homestar Runner came from?

  • Jack Anderson
    Jack Anderson

    Star man will decimate all

  • Michael Abbott
    Michael Abbott

    I Believe In Wrestlemania Its Down Button And B

  • ryshenton

    Waste of your time back then I played too many video games too

  • ryshenton

    Yep a lot of nes games were laughably shit

  • H I B I K I
    H I B I K I

    damn i have played a lot of shit

  • trekami

    Glad if hes gonna waste shitty beer its miller lite

  • Andrew Wright
    Andrew Wright

    Thanks to this video I keep saying “I don’t know who the fuck these people are... who are these people?” whenever I run into random people I don’t know.

  • Kashan Tariq
    Kashan Tariq

    You didn't review snk's 3 count bout? That was a pretty decent title too and felt a tad bit better and close to a simulator compared to Saturday night slam masters

  • fmdof

    "Seriously, who are these guys?" I'm naming all of them just by their pixelized photo.

  • UnityDeicide

    Wait, he OWNS HONGKONG97?

  • alpan

    I know this is old but James you gotta have ljn with a game maker employeefor an interview and have a grand battle with the nerd

  • Dan Man
    Dan Man

    What’s your tattoo looks pretty cool!

  • trainguy111

    2:17 apparently, the nerd has never heard of Homestar Runner.

  • Bostonian Critic
    Bostonian Critic

    Wisecracking Wiener Fuckfarts XD

  • Jolfer 13
    Jolfer 13

    Smackdown for ps1 was the shit

  • Luke Van Gheem
    Luke Van Gheem

    No Nes muscle wrestling, or Tecmo wrestling? Those were my favorite games. and some of the few we had on the nes.

  • King Hyzin
    King Hyzin

    I’ve never came so close to dying of nostalgia more than me hearing the AVGN spout some of my favorite quotes from WWF stars

  • Neon Shadow
    Neon Shadow

    And Royal Rumble was a very solid WWF game. "Get gud bro."

  • Fantasy New
    Fantasy New

    i thought poLYBiuS killed you

  • marshall strickland
    marshall strickland

    needs more steroids

  • Balde Howlett
    Balde Howlett

    Steel Cage Challenge had one of my favourites on the cover despite that person not being in the company at the time of the games release, so just for old times sake: I'm The Mountie, I'm Handsome, I'm Brave, I'm Strong. I'm The Mountie, and I enforce the law. You can try to run, but you can never hide, The Mountie always gets his man. .

  • deviljon

    While I agree that LJN is the worst I do think their high water mark was those snes WWF games.

  • John G
    John G

    Who does he think he is Simon Belmont that had me dying.

  • Lucas Hewitt
    Lucas Hewitt

    Sad he didn’t review the N64 ones 😭

    • ScorpionDeathlock

      I must be because he only reviews shitty games.

  • John Dripper
    John Dripper

    Wcw on nes is the best best wrestling game on the nes platform

  • Oscar González
    Oscar González

    0:04 is that sonic.exe on the left

  • Doctor Duct tape
    Doctor Duct tape

    That skit was hilarious. 😂

  • Johnny Rockit
    Johnny Rockit

    I'd also recommend Ultimate Muscle: Path of the Superhero. There's also another Ultimate Muscle game on the Gamecube and Galactic Wrestling on Ps2. You could also play Def Jam Vendetta and Fight for NY. If those don't tickle your fancy you could always play Tekken with King or Armor King or play Virtua Fighter with Wolf Hawkfield.

  • José Campaña
    José Campaña

    Saturday Night Slammasters character design was done by the Fist of the North Star guy, Tetsuo Hara too, that game and especially it's sequel kick major ass

  • Goo Goo
    Goo Goo

    RoYal Rumble and Raw were very good games, spent hours playing them

  • sil3nt j
    sil3nt j

    5:55 "The only real difference between these shit fests is the roster." Makes me wonder if you actually played these games because that's not true. For 1) Super Wrestlemania had extremely shitty gameplay that was greatly improved in the sequel, Royal Rumble, For 2) WWF Raw had some pretty cool cheat codes. Rumble and Raw were similar to each other but completely different from Super Wrestlemania. EDIT Also, the sound effects were pretty good, and, for the time, the graphics were bad ass.

  • Jeff Orlick
    Jeff Orlick

    All these games sucked

  • Bryan F
    Bryan F

    Your "knowledge" of pro wrestling is an insult to wrestling fans.

  • Brian Blake
    Brian Blake

    Do WWF warzone game.

  • postrock

    slammasterssss !!!! best wrestling game everrrrrrrrrrr

  • Mitch Roy
    Mitch Roy

    You forgot to mention the game boy versions I had one it was also a very shitty game

  • The Mutton Chop Gamer
    The Mutton Chop Gamer

    Oh, come on! No mention about the Strong Bads in Tag Team Wrestling inspiring the greatest Strong Bad history will ever know?

  • Pablo Leiva
    Pablo Leiva

    We need a part 2 with all the bad N64 and PS1 games, leading to the actually good ones


    You press down when he's beaten up enough.

  • Dylan Warren
    Dylan Warren

    OMG. Realization. Is Strong Bad from Homestar Runner named after Tag Team Fighting Strongbads? His character is a wrester who wears a red lucha libre like Strong Bads in the game lol

  • cj hart
    cj hart

    I loved the raw and royal rumble games on snes and sega. I enjoyed hammerlock wrestling on snes as well

  • Jamie B
    Jamie B

    d......did strong bad from homestarrunner get its name from Tag Team Wrestling?

  • Hi-Shin

    Sorry, but I had A LOT of fun with Royal Rumble for the snes.

  • Jay Obrien
    Jay Obrien

    Pro wrestling for the NES was the bomb.

  • Kelvin Marcano
    Kelvin Marcano

    Tecmo wrestling was really good, played that shit a lot

  • Jeff Chandler
    Jeff Chandler

    Tecmo wrestling was decent it came out around same time

  • easyhec

    Pro wrestling for the sega master system....yea!!

  • J-Stutters /JustinJamieson
    J-Stutters /JustinJamieson

    In Wrestlemania on NES, I think you hold down and click both a and b to pin, if I remember right.

  • Little Mac86
    Little Mac86

    If I'm not mistaken. I believe you hit b, or a, the moment your tag team partner gets to you. I DO, however, recall this game being a mountain of hot dog poo. Happy gaming everyone.

  • Josh Geiger
    Josh Geiger

    This intro is still my fav - made me feel so happy and just giddy.

  • Wu Tang Klank
    Wu Tang Klank

    now that's STONE COLD.

  • Chris Galej
    Chris Galej

    ...today i found out that i have played two best wrestling games. And i have played only two in total. Sh...t thats lucky.

  • Hurricanelive


  • L Dunco
    L Dunco

    100k likes superstar

  • Los crazy crazy
    Los crazy crazy

    Aquí en México nuestro westlemania se llama triplemania

  • Terry Boys
    Terry Boys

    I played the fuck out of Saturday Night Slam Masters

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