Yaris Hilton - What went wrong? (Engine Inspection)
Mighty Car Mods
After blowing our eBay boosted wrecker Corolla engine, we bring Yaris Hilton back to the shed to try and work out what's wrong with it and what we should do next.
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Also something to note around Mighty Car Mods: we are normal guys and are not trained mechanics. We like to make interesting car mods and show you how we've gone about it, but we can't promise that anything we show you will work for your particular car, or that you won't harm yourself, someone else, your car or your warranty doing it. Please be safe, be responsible and unless you know what you're doing, do not fool around with very serious machinery just because you've seen us make it look so easy. Talk to a qualified mechanic if you are in any doubt.

  • mon eh troops WATP RFCSMELLYERMAW
    mon eh troops WATP RFCSMELLYERMAW

    Watch this video from 6 min through for ten seconds who moves the engine lift or witever it is that place is haunted

  • Jamal Tyrone
    Jamal Tyrone

    One of these dudes looks just like PsychedSubstance!

  • Wilfredo Mar Ronario
    Wilfredo Mar Ronario

    Put a 2ZZ GE engine

  • Omar Muñoz
    Omar Muñoz

    What's up with the crane at 5:54 5:55?

  • Kastro 876
    Kastro 876

    2 and 3zr engines are shit.... Ain't nothing like the good old 4age and 1nzfe

  • Kastro 876
    Kastro 876

    Wtf is goi g on with that hoist...

  • Ridwanul Mosrur
    Ridwanul Mosrur

    Hi guys, love your shows and watched for quite a long from Bangladesh. Is toyota ist available in Australia and do you have any intention do any project with it?

  • The Angry Hyena
    The Angry Hyena

    upgrade it with forged internals and fucking send it -random asshole from america (me)

  • Enchanted Wenis
    Enchanted Wenis

    I’m sure Al has already explained this to you boys, but at minimum, the bottom end needs more bearing clearance and the rings need a wider gap to make up for the added stress and heat under boost

  • Neil Blackwood
    Neil Blackwood

    For consideration: The ghost gag is partly for the death of Yaris Hilton and partly that they are trying to ad boost with a cheap turbo. “BOOOOOST” - the root of the ghost bits in all the Yaris episodes.

  • Loler Mount
    Loler Mount

    The engine crane is alive!!!!!

  • Hat Man
    Hat Man

    Actually, I wouldnt mind seeing a rebuild on an average engine like that

  • mcivice199_6x

    We def have those lights. I actually bought mine because of you guys. Now i have a whole bunch of ryobi tools

  • DJ 666
    DJ 666

    Guys when you are going to make a N/A to a Turbo you have to reduce the compression of the engine so as excemple from 10:1 to 9:1 because of the air pressure the cheap way is to use 2 Head Gaskets for reducing^^ keep Having fun and greetz from Switzerland

  • Lewis Woodhead
    Lewis Woodhead

    Think you guys got a poltergeist!

  • Eco

    Any one knows what is the soundtrack before the intro starts? Love ya mcm

  • ItsEasy

    I was literally so close to shitting myself after seeing the engine crane move

  • Janice Tri
    Janice Tri

    2ZZ-GTE time guys.. same motor from Celica, Corolla Sportivo, and Lotus (and yes it handles a supercharger / turbo) :D

  • Jausst

    yaris hilton would be the perfect parts runner/good fuel economy car for the shop

  • Doctor Moore
    Doctor Moore

    Strip everything out and stick a hyabusa turbo engine over the back wheels and if ya feeling lucky, another one over the front and turn it into the ultimate rally X

  • Aidan Riggs
    Aidan Riggs

    I vote a bigger big block... 2.4L.... the 2AZ-fe👀

  • Caldon Samis
    Caldon Samis

    oil pressure is as important as cash. go for the big oil pump or at least an oil pressure guage. great series.

  • Spectrumnist

    3:13 love how Marty used the windshield wiper as a hood prop.

  • kalelwa makasa
    kalelwa makasa

    hahaha as wobbly as an old ball sack

  • MK and LM Hampshire
    MK and LM Hampshire

    Ditch the turbo, put a new motor in and have fun with it.

  • roche wijnaar
    roche wijnaar

    hahaha could be yeah , i just wanna know already what thats all about

  • Vince uribe
    Vince uribe

    We have those ryobi lights here in the states. You can find them at any Home Depot

  • Jordan berrell
    Jordan berrell

    Idk boys this one seems pretty boring, kinda feel like we’re just watching use do boring everyday stuff, needs some umf, maybe some humour? do something silly at the end of the video or have another car to do silly shit to do the videos half half

    • Jordan berrell
      Jordan berrell

      Start doing 2 videos a week but do them half half on two different cars?

  • CMDR Boom
    CMDR Boom

    Marty being a Subie guy, you'd think he'd be intimately familiar with the obvious rod knock sound of impending doom.

  • hellcat1988

    Having to pry off the pan because of fake gasket at the risk of damaging both mating surfaces. Yet another reason not to use fake gasket.

  • Dakota Griffith
    Dakota Griffith

    Y’all saw the cherry picker right... 6ish minutes??

  • Dj Mystery
    Dj Mystery

    I’m willing to buy that bike on the wall, how much?

  • R. E. Hill
    R. E. Hill

    Put a cummins in it and be done...

  • jukebox symposium
    jukebox symposium

    There's an 8ball in the oil pan

  • Panda Whittaker
    Panda Whittaker

    Yeah so after the 5th advert I kinda got over it aye.

  • Mike Normand
    Mike Normand

    We didn’t get the bendy light for years in America but when we did I bought one! Love it!

  • clockworkzombies

    Perhaps you can make some Casablanca inspired shirts for Yaris Hilton. Moog wearing trench coat, fedora. Cigarette. Caption “we’ll always have Yaris” Also one of you being pulled over by the police. “Round up the usual suspects”

  • Geoffrey Anderson
    Geoffrey Anderson

    Bigger sway bars, bigger wheels, bigger brakes, and summer compound wide tires were a huge improvement on my car, transformative. It turned into a handling monster. Stock springs and ride height!

  • Giorgos Xydous
    Giorgos Xydous

    I would like to turbo tune a Ford Focus mk2 ti vct 1.6 petrol engine.. i leave in Greece and nobody here knows anything.. can anybody tell me if this ebay kit fits for my car.. or any turbo kit..

  • Mit Airavat
    Mit Airavat

    there is a ghost in your garage

  • James Simmmons
    James Simmmons

    Has anyone else noticed the engine hoist moving by itself at 6:00 mark?

  • Joshua Tremper
    Joshua Tremper

    I work at the center in the US where my buddy actually designed that Ryobi light. Been a fan of your channel for some time!

  • Garry Llewellyn
    Garry Llewellyn

    It'll go full Rodney 😂

  • brad c
    brad c

    i swear i've seen more cars get pushed into the shed than driven haha

  • Nate4g

    channels about to turn into a ghost hunting channel 😂

  • elesjuan

    Jesus.. You'nore wrong about the coilovers on the street. I said, "you know... I want the best coilovers available for my car because I'm building a track vehicle.." Then proceed to spend $2000 on a set of Tein monoflex with super heavy springs with an aggressive rate.. It's not a daily, but where does it spend 99% of the time? Street. It effing SUCKS driving on the street!!!!

  • Charlie Dom
    Charlie Dom

    Ahhhh sell me those wheels and tires

  • Alta Clase Auto
    Alta Clase Auto

    Wtfwith all this haunting random thing going on here since a few blogs back

    • yaliso gioouy
      yaliso gioouy

      I need a new work car boys I will buy it of ya

  • JS MecYoSolo
    JS MecYoSolo

    Ho you gona call ghost buster 🎵

  • Hondaheromark88

    First The welding helmet and then the engine hoist moved by itself when they showed the ball scope

  • Phil B.
    Phil B.


  • Shawn Smith
    Shawn Smith

    New crate motor for Yaris and build it up!!!!

  • Andreas Schön
    Andreas Schön

    So is your workshop haunted or something?, things randomly faling down (previous clips) and now the engine crane goes for a stroll atround 6minutes in the clip 🤔

  • Alcapone

    The engine crane is saying pull the engine out 😂

  • gtoss chddy
    gtoss chddy

    Moog's hand position at 2:12 gives me an idea... Please turn this thing into an AWD ute with a 3S-GTE or a 2ZZ-GE.

  • NeoIsrafil

    It's really too bad. Yaris Hilton was fun. So much power in a tiny package. I'd make her run again and sell to a fan. Maybe do a charity auction thing, have the proceeds go to Australia fire relief or some other good cause.

  • Santos Nieves
    Santos Nieves

    I just saw the engine hoist move lmfao

  • Santos Nieves
    Santos Nieves

    Every video something is falling.... I think your shop is haunted lol 😭😭

    • gtoss chddy
      gtoss chddy

      slap a 2zz in there!!!!

  • Beau Johnson
    Beau Johnson

    He just put the frikin windshield wiper up as the hood prop. Wow

  • Hrvoje Lipovac
    Hrvoje Lipovac

    simple oil starvation.

  • Caddy Guy
    Caddy Guy

    I bought a Ryobi generator. That's enough Ryobi for me.

  • Terry2can N
    Terry2can N

    I need a new work car boys I will buy it of ya

  • Craig Blackwell
    Craig Blackwell

    I’m glad I’m not the only nut job watching a engine crane rolling but it self. I was thinking maybe I need my own head checked with the Ball Scope.

  • Cody Evans
    Cody Evans

    8:13 engine oil is like vampires .... should NOT sparkle

  • bssni touir
    bssni touir

    3:30 "It's as wobbly as an old ballsack" didn't see that one coming lol

    • Haywood Jablomie
      Haywood Jablomie

      I dont want to see an old ballsack coming.

  • Kevin Birt
    Kevin Birt

    Pretty sure Yaris Hilton has Corrola-virus....

  • Theolikesboats

    If you haven't spent masses on the car, consider slapping a JDM engine in the rear like a 1jz. Make it fwd mid engined?

  • Dayton Winkler
    Dayton Winkler

    6:05 engine picker moves by itself lol

    • bssni touir
      bssni touir

      got them lights in the UK . i have one

  • Doug Anderson
    Doug Anderson

    I've given up trying to explain things to people who say "but you could just buy it". Either you understand why a person builds a thing that doesn't make sense on paper or you don't. The only answer to "but why?" is why not.

  • Andy Spencer
    Andy Spencer

    I had to rewind it to show my son.. moog and Marty never noticed!!

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