yes. i literally beat the entire game. in this video. pls watch.
Strap in. Get your snacks. So much work. Here we go.
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Jesus said to love one another and that we should be servants to each other, so I would ask that you all do that in the comment section. That means more to me than anything. Thank you.


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  • Luke Wolf
    Luke Wolf


  • Chaden Gilliam
    Chaden Gilliam

    Hahahahahahaha you funny coryxkenshin

  • Dane Stewart
    Dane Stewart

    Is anyone else rewatching?

  • Luka Bilbilov
    Luka Bilbilov

    mortal kombat 12,mayby?

  • Esteban Chávez Frias
    Esteban Chávez Frias

    This vos was 2 hros

  • Devilrabbit

    🤣“You never payed attention to me YEEEEMMMMMM...yem”😂

  • MrStaxxz

    a cory where the freak is spider man ps4

  • Kaldren Tashi JaTsho
    Kaldren Tashi JaTsho

    What will happen next,will a new villain return, will there be a problem in the force??? Find out next in the next chapter of drago..... (I mean) Mortal Kombat(did I say it nice?)

  • Isaiah Castrejon
    Isaiah Castrejon

    Who want him to play joker

  • Elliott J
    Elliott J

    Rip tarkatans

    • Elliott J
      Elliott J

      Those ones that where seperated

    • Elliott J
      Elliott J

      I think

  • Keith Montague
    Keith Montague

    5:08 what you looking at hhm

  • joel

    i like how anytime someone tells raiden something, he always says "bro that's crazy, lemme tell the elder gods"

  • Jayden Shreve
    Jayden Shreve

    the sounds are the best part

  • Colson Rosa
    Colson Rosa

    I made it to the end! Great video.

  • Fraze Reflex
    Fraze Reflex

    8,580,010 views. STILL ONLY 405K LIKES?????? can I get a fake samurais in the reply comments

    • Fraze Reflex
      Fraze Reflex

      AND HOW CAN U DISLIKE HIS VIDS????!!!!?!!1

  • XxskorpionxX n
    XxskorpionxX n

    Hey cory wanna play mortal kombat sometime? I wanna face the shogun himself😀

  • Marco Elliott
    Marco Elliott


  • The Fox In Your Closet
    The Fox In Your Closet

    Props to the people who want he'd the whole video.

  • Jermeile Pope
    Jermeile Pope

    He should have went live with this but I love the video love u cory

  • Daniel Mulcahy
    Daniel Mulcahy

    I swear this dude has one of the most iconic/fun intros on youtube rn

  • Luciano Acosta-Arrizon
    Luciano Acosta-Arrizon

    His arm heet up and do more damage

  • SkYe_ Blue_Dragon
    SkYe_ Blue_Dragon

    Surangei to u to my guy I think that’s how u spell it

  • Logan Kent
    Logan Kent

    there's another one

  • SkYe_ Blue_Dragon
    SkYe_ Blue_Dragon


  • SkYe_ Blue_Dragon
    SkYe_ Blue_Dragon


  • M.E. Jabido
    M.E. Jabido

    It’s late at night and Johnny looks like Elon Musk...

  • Zaid 000
    Zaid 000


  • zaid the gamer
    zaid the gamer

    Still waiting for that aftermath

    • Zaid 000
      Zaid 000

      @zaid the gamer baby zaid noooo he's sitting there like im gonna come

    • zaid the gamer
      zaid the gamer

      @Zaid 000 😂😂

    • Zaid 000
      Zaid 000

      @zaid the gamer snapped zaid 00 neck

    • Zaid 000
      Zaid 000

      @zaid the gamer is crewmate

    • zaid the gamer
      zaid the gamer

      @Zaid 000 Defeat

  • 404 Quad
    404 Quad

    36:22 Nut cracker

  • Late Confession
    Late Confession

    Skarlet is like a bloodbender VS Kitana(katara)

  • Army Manenye
    Army Manenye

    member the name, CORYXGOATSHEN

  • Christian Davis
    Christian Davis

    YIKES in the chat..... i did it

  • June Moon
    June Moon

    Now that you think about it Raiden finally finally realized his mistakes it was still sad on Mk 9

  • Jonathan P
    Jonathan P

    Who else heard the secret message?

  • Christian Davis
    Christian Davis

    RIP CORY HANDS he edit for sooooooooooooooooooo long 😬

  • deonte thegod
    deonte thegod

    kung lao is more of a thrunks to me

  • Hxneey

    omgoodness this is the best video on ur channel yet............u never know what tricks cory or game developers have up there sleeve. And Cory, btw, I LOVE THE VIDEO

  • Nyelah Spears
    Nyelah Spears

    i only heard shao kahn and kotal kahn the whole video 😭..

  • Yvng Balla
    Yvng Balla

    “Saggy” 😂 aye only the people who watched it know what I’m talking about

    • Avant Blair
      Avant Blair

      Shhhhhh dont time stamp it

  • Kevin Glasgow
    Kevin Glasgow

    Well at least his Undead form is still alive

  • chiheen abrams
    chiheen abrams


  • Brxndz

    I watched THE WHOLE THING

  • Sky&Ant Channel
    Sky&Ant Channel

    On the Mortal Kombat when he was on Part 9 you know that it was on the Mortal Kombat sign it was where all the Mortal combats were born at in the power

  • Christianmess YT
    Christianmess YT

    cory not using his finisher loses vs us your mad dumb

  • The Millionaire
    The Millionaire

    well that's actually a long video its 2 hours I never seen 2 hours video OMG you must have lost lot of internet

  • Ethan Gabriel Tirol
    Ethan Gabriel Tirol


  • Holy _hi
    Holy _hi


  • Myth_Kid Gaming
    Myth_Kid Gaming


  • Elizabeth Quade
    Elizabeth Quade

    that wus the bad ending!!!!!! holey s!@#$#%@#@

  • Piano cat BOII
    Piano cat BOII

    2:36:57-2:37:17 you see how you can relate to that in real life?? Our parents don’t won’t us to live our own life and do our own thing. They want us to line the life they wanted and live the life they desired. It’s not about what we want it’s what they want.

  • Unknown.


  • ShyScorpion21 Games
    ShyScorpion21 Games

    Cory do aftermath?!?!!

    • Le Bee
      Le Bee

      He already did

  • Gun Game
    Gun Game

    I beat this entire game in like 1 hour and 30 minutes i loved playing the old games and my skill carried over

  • Donovan C.
    Donovan C.

    I think kronaka is the voice actor for Ash is titan fall 2,and in Apex.

  • Jace Cole
    Jace Cole

    Look at my wind moves

  • Talulah Johnson
    Talulah Johnson

    I’m done go go go who’s next

  • Princessa dog and more
    Princessa dog and more

    He down there like :0 CLOSE YO MOUT!!!!!

  • Aliakbar Hussaini
    Aliakbar Hussaini

    36:17 one of the best moments of all time

  • Manman Keepit100
    Manman Keepit100

    I’m a real one this my 7th time watching this the whole thing

  • Talulah Johnson
    Talulah Johnson

    Let’s just say we think a like we both had a feeling that he was going to say none of them are you and look at red dead redemption 😂😂

  • Mahad Mughal
    Mahad Mughal

    if you’re searching for when Cory said “OH I blocked that GETThATOUT” It’s at 55:32

  • Richard Richard
    Richard Richard

    Wawa fam

  • HysronGaming

    he did say in one video that he got a girl pregnet

  • Heart Mype
    Heart Mype

    1:44:48 i'm sharing the secret message to the world

  • Heart Mype
    Heart Mype

    1:44:10 Sike i watched the whole video

  • wheng627

    25:42 the fatal blow is a mime act

  • Finn Erickson
    Finn Erickson

    If past johnny cage saw future johnny then would future johnny have the memory of seeing himself

  • Ehsan Playz
    Ehsan Playz

    Only true fans would watch this video..

  • Ivan Reaves
    Ivan Reaves

    yo in the last minute of the game he was silent

  • Cody Moselini
    Cody Moselini

    Time to get lit💪

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