yes yes circle
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  • Yasar Chasan
    Yasar Chasan

    Its mellyney the wattermelon 😂😂

  • Jessie Palone
    Jessie Palone

    No no don't touch me there is now dead rip a loving memory of No No square

  • onekingdom1


  • Elyn Hope
    Elyn Hope

    No its beer

  • Phoebe D
    Phoebe D

    Hey, thanks for the pointers. A part of having him go basically crazy and unleash his primal urges comes with choosing the right words. Yes, there are so many ways to do this, Celestine Dessike's website takes you by the hand if you really want to feel in control.

  • Cydnie Lo
    Cydnie Lo

    yesyes circle

  • Lincoln RBLX
    Lincoln RBLX

    hey sisters brave browser here and today we will be having no ads on youtube!

  • Twisted GamerOX
    Twisted GamerOX

    The no no square will be history to them

  • Kermit Plaz
    Kermit Plaz

    Wtf mully you looking down there while juicy is sleeping

  • lu Iu
    lu Iu

    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha HA

  • cheater_ kid038
    cheater_ kid038

    No no square. = juicy Yes yes circle. = Eddie Maybe maybe triagle.= Mully What what polygon. = Josh Dont know cube. = Juicy what else= 😭

  • Lela Behr
    Lela Behr

    Wait....soo... Square=No no Circle=yes yes Semicirlce=No yes?

  • Sofichan B #
    Sofichan B #

    Yes Yes Circel

  • Heylistenyoubettercoolit

    YO.... Whats tthis map called freinds?

  • Jose Salvador
    Jose Salvador

    Juicy juicy juicy juicy that was hilarious I am a crack in my head right now what I mean by that I’m gonna fucking laugh my ass off right the fuck OK now I’m done laughing I’m done laughing that was hilarious as shit.

  • Raena_.couchpotato UnU
    Raena_.couchpotato UnU

    I feel bad for juicy having to put up with Eddies shit :>

  • Kinzie Siess
    Kinzie Siess


  • natasha


  • Pūppētkīd

    Did anyone catch when he said bone-apple-teeth? Or was it just me-

  • Thescrazyrobot P
    Thescrazyrobot P

    nono this is my no no sxer

  • Coltblox mobile
    Coltblox mobile

    I think he forgot to censor some things...7:23

  • Cøcø_Studíøs

    Hmm hmm trapezoid We have become genius'

  • xSkizM

    “Oh, yes.. touch me.. *Breathe* there, please m- ohhh..” ;-; you knew this would happen, you KNEW it!

  • Ива Стоилова
    Ива Стоилова

    Guys I realised that I've been brushing my teeth with one of u

  • Kenzi Jayde
    Kenzi Jayde

    6:40 that noise tho

  • Look at My profile picture
    Look at My profile picture

    Sad sad pentagon

  • Huang Olivia
    Huang Olivia

    i love your videos

    • Huang Olivia
      Huang Olivia

      Ha ha ha

  • Sofichan B #
    Sofichan B #

    Juicy ist Number 1!

  • Kyle Able
    Kyle Able

    Juicy me and my friends created a new song. No no my cantaloups don’t want your no no gropes

  • Abigail Harris
    Abigail Harris

    It goes no no don’t touch me there that’s what I told my Uncle It seemed he didn’t care No no don’t touch me there that’s all I know*dab Larry then see me ahhhhhhhh

  • VipeR

    whats next yes-no triangle Lmao 😂

  • Hassan Harajli
    Hassan Harajli


  • Yannik Wittmann
    Yannik Wittmann

    And now it's time to say goodbye goodbye my love no no square it's time for you to be thrown in the trash

  • Yannik Wittmann
    Yannik Wittmann

    No no square is a dead meme sadly

  • KawaiiPotato

    2:08 I have the power of god and anime by my side

  • Maeve Tressler
    Maeve Tressler

    I feel bad for their neighbors

  • Cassandra Nova
    Cassandra Nova

    Yes, yes do touch my turtle That is, my Yes, yes circle

  • Psycho Squad
    Psycho Squad

    ITS A DEAD meme 😂 wHy ArE yOu NoT lAuGhInG!

  • mlg kiddd
    mlg kiddd

    Mully: pulls out meatball wine Eddie:JUICY FRUIT SNACKS Juicy: I will die now

  • YourLocalHentaiDealer

    lmao that calm im recycling

  • UrbanPrinc3ss

    Love you Juicyfruitsnacks❤️💙🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

  • gaming crossing
    gaming crossing

    So this is how I failed my Spanish class Lol I don't have Dat xd

  • Vanessa Rebugio
    Vanessa Rebugio


  • jaydumb

    yes yes circle

  • Glenda Decoff
    Glenda Decoff

    Insult to no no sqare

  • Pansexual Rat
    Pansexual Rat

    *im* *recycling*

  • taytay10


  • Casey Thomas
    Casey Thomas

    The intro was inappropriate did anyone notice, kids can't be saying that dude

  • Muckerking

    ME:eating dinner with my family the vid comes to 7:22 me spitting out my drink HOLLY FUUUUUCK I swear this is the first time he has said something rude

  • Aurora B
    Aurora B

    Here's one. " Yes yes this is my circle don't tuch it cause it's paranormal

  • Marisella Barreras
    Marisella Barreras

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! 2020!

  • random hooman
    random hooman

    7:47 DUDE WTF?

    • Hyper X
      Hyper X


  • random hooman
    random hooman

    Juicy:"My penis is a big thing" Mully:"I've seen it dude, I don't agree" Me: *chokes fruit snacks* hold up-

  • Emma Reyes
    Emma Reyes

    Eddie does whatever he does he loves his shit I hope you like this song shit EDDIE

  • Emma Reyes
    Emma Reyes

    Hey that’s my line.........JUICY FRUIT SNACKS!!!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!!!

  • Emma Reyes
    Emma Reyes

    .........JUICY FRUIT SNACKS!!!!

  • Emma Reyes
    Emma Reyes

    No no don’t touch me there this is my no no square

  • Michelle Reed
    Michelle Reed


  • paul oneill
    paul oneill

    Definitely Definitely Oval

  • CodextheAlpha mistics
    CodextheAlpha mistics

    I can not stop fr*ckin laughing

  • #

    what game is this?


    Yes yes circle

  • Scott Macnay
    Scott Macnay

    Nu nu □ is still popular ;-;

  • ああ

    5:07 6:28

  • Ginamarie Vanni
    Ginamarie Vanni

    Uhhh what game is this tho

  • Gordon Ramsay
    Gordon Ramsay

    *maybe maybe parrolellogram?*

  • aiesiah khamiya
    aiesiah khamiya


  • Roblox Girl Gamers
    Roblox Girl Gamers

    Is there a hat for eddie on roblox?

  • NoN Name
    NoN Name

    the title is illegal

  • Chaka James
    Chaka James

    Yes yes my ass your circle when I slam my banana in the door it turns purple

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