YFN Lucci - Wet (She Got That...) (Official Video)
YFN Lucci
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Song Produced By-Billy Garcia @thehugojefe
Video Directed By-@AlphaMaleVisuals
Video Produced By-Vilas Entertainment

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Look, sex I need some wet sh*t
Neck, I need some Becky
Yeah, I'm a lil manish, Kiss on your belly
Yeah, she got that wet sh*t, Yeah, she got that wet sh*t Yeah, she got that wet sh*t, Uhh, she got that wet sh*t
girl, how you doing, look I’m double R, girl I'm a star
Just like the ceiling I got on my car, Just like the ceiling girl, take off your top Look i'm with the hottest, so I flew that b*tch to New York
I put that b*tch in New York, huh, I put on Christian Dior, huh
I pull up Bentley truck, huh, I pull up Bentley truck, huh
I put my trust in her
She know she just like a drug
She come through and wet me up
She my lil freak in disguise
Getting head while i'm gripping her thighs
She in my head, Ion even know why
She in the bed, we gon need more time
She keep it wet, Ion need no dry
F*ck me good, Ion need no lie
Mm Mm, good glad I tried
Don't bend over, you'n even know how to ride
Love me forever ion need no change
Turn a n*gga down, when you see me on the train
Couple weeks later, when you see me I'm your type
Next time you see me, young n*gga I’m piped
I am not regular, this not a tesla
I'm with a baddie, ate her like a edible
I'm in a V-12 eating vegetables
I'm in the back of this bih with my leg up
She got that waterfall, she got that wet stuff
She got that wet wet, I'm tryna bless that
Girl where you want me to nut at, yeah
Girl where you want me to nut at, yeah

Look, sex I need some wet sh*t
Neck, I need some Becky
Yeah, I'm a lil manish, Kiss on your belly
Yeah, she got that wet sh*t, Yeah, she got that wet sh*t Yeah, she got that wet sh*t, Uhh, she got that wet sh*t
We can f*ck in the back of my ride On the balcony all outside
In the master suite we out of town Ima f*ck you till the sun go down
I want you, you want me and my love I want loyalty, then I want love Wanna argue with me about trust Girl where would you be without us She got that wet, soaking wet
Girl let's go jet skiing
Girl you're the best, I mean it
Ian gon flex, I mean it
4 by 4 took the doors off
She suckin, I'm taking her clothes off
She suckin like she ain't got no teeth in her mouth Go ahead bitch show out
I'm pulling her weave, hope Ion pull her track out Pull off in a track hawk
Lil boujee bitch, I blew her back out
Lil booty bih, she got a ass now
Yeah, I caught her in magic
Think the first night I smashed it
Caught a audible passed it
I like my h*es naughty and nasty
I love when a h*e call me daddy
Look, sex I need some wet sh*t
Neck, I need some Becky
Yeah, I'm a lil manish, Kiss on your belly
Yeah, she got that wet sh*t, Yeah, she got that wet sh*t Yeah, she got that wet sh*t, Uhh, she got that wet sh*t

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    Wet submarine I got the light like The bulb ah beam Imakeyue. Love ah fein Love the scene Blud The dream Drag art Bag smart Yue gon need More if i eeven gotta Ask where yur bag at I swear im prepared ta kill Bagdad. Handguns Go in exapensive handbags. My hands Math Mix the wet withe. Kulture ima vulture for the Volt. Blurr

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    best you ever made perioddd my favorite

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