You Can't Stop Us | Nike
You can't stop Megan Rapinoe, Serena Williams, or Lebron James.
Just as you can't stop Naomi Osaka, Cristiano Ronaldo or Leo Baker.
Because as athletes*, we are never alone. Sport unites us. Strengthens us. Keeps us pushing ahead. No matter what, we will always come back stronger, together.
You can't stop sport. Because you can't stop us.
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Nike strives to bring innovation and inspiration to every athlete* in the world. (* If you have a body, you are an athlete.)
Our mission is what drives us to do everything possible to expand human potential. We do that by creating groundbreaking sport innovations, by making our products more sustainably, by building a creative and diverse global team and by making a positive impact in communities where we live and work.
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  • K P O xx
    K P O xx

    O dever de aula me enviou aki

  • Mojza Hussain
    Mojza Hussain

    Hate u nike u r giving us wrong education we r not fools live our islam never buy ur products again u all r puppets shame on u

  • Mojza Hussain
    Mojza Hussain

    Ur giving us wrong education we r not fools ok love our relegion proud to be a muslim never buy ur products again astaghfirullah

  • Salman Arif
    Salman Arif

    Not buying nike

  • Khouloud Dahmani Taibi
    Khouloud Dahmani Taibi

    Well never buying nike again. I can't stand international famous brand giving that image of Muslims. You should be ashamed

  • Kauser Shahi kitchen
    Kauser Shahi kitchen

    Iam muslim I was buying Nike products before but when i see this ad now i had throw away that product

  • Abdullah Rahman
    Abdullah Rahman

    I am an atheist and I will buy only Nike products from now.

    • Nil sevim
      Nil sevim

      @Abdullah Rahman and not only nike btw

    • Nil sevim
      Nil sevim

      @Abdullah Rahman it makes more sense to boycott nike for an ad than to use their product even though you know how messed up nike is.

    • Abdullah Rahman
      Abdullah Rahman

      @Nil sevim You are not criticizing Nike for all the other bad stuff(like this article) they are doing. Majority of Muslims are criticizing Nike for a fuckin' ad!

    • Nil sevim
      Nil sevim

      Yeah good job you don't have to be a muslim to have some empathy towards someone. Imagine this is happening to all of the atheists in china. Is that ok?

  • Ayoub Archane
    Ayoub Archane

    Nike: "If we don't fit the sport. We will change the sport." Muslims: "We will never let Nike fit us." So, Boycott da brand.

  • puppol.com1

    I found a very interesting face mask for this slogan at

  • Yahye Ahmed
    Yahye Ahmed

    You only have day dream and will not happen in our Muslim countries Insha Allah

  • Guerfi C
    Guerfi C know what...what do you expect from the company that forces uyghur Muslim women in China to make their stuff. The sad thing is that they clearly express their rejection and resentment towards Islam as a whole, without caring. May God grant us patience. May God guide both us and them...


    NIKE this is advertising very awful. You insult religion. I'm never buy your products

  • Mr P
    Mr P

    Dislike this video

  • Fidal Chance
    Fidal Chance

    I'm boycotting your brand! Maybe one boycott won't affect you. But you lost one buyer.

  • Masila Travel
    Masila Travel

    I'm a muslim and I'm never buying ur products again.

  • Tan Is
    Tan Is

    *What the Fuchka is this? you can accept LGBT but you can't accept the value of Islam !!! Is it really hard to respect that values? You talk about diversity while neglecting a whole religion*

  • Donitz Sexuera
    Donitz Sexuera

    1:26 Corection: You can't stop Uyghur Labour Camp.

  • Hana Kamil
    Hana Kamil

    Thats it. I am NEVER buying any nike product again.

  • Abdullaah Khan
    Abdullaah Khan

    When the Muslim women comes in they said 'if we don't fit the sport' then she left and a women with a LGBT flag goes past and they said 'we'll change the sport' WTF

  • Albert Badia
    Albert Badia

    Am Muslim this hurt deep. I 💣 you now.

  • Dean Picture
    Dean Picture

    "A tous les niké, il manque un accent"...

  • M Bayrak
    M Bayrak

    In short, give us money. I like muslims yammering about 0:28. Hypocracy at its finest. Pretending to demand acceptance and equality to their way of life, but also complaining about a transition scene to a LGBT, and alienating them is just what they are to the bone. And sorry, but anything Megan Rapinoe says is null and void to me. All she ever does is demand more money from the sport, last year, I saw her and Alex Morgan saying preposterous things like ''Male footballers don't represent oppressed people like we do, they only care for themselves, we inspire people more'' in an interview. The amount of disrespect, impunity and agitation these people have is irritating at its best.

  • Abdur Razaq Rahdiya
    Abdur Razaq Rahdiya

    The message passed by this advert is thoughtless and highly offensive....why force your change agenda on a group of people who have never been your opponent. Now Muslims everywhere should boycott Nike to show them that our beliefs are not to be tampered with.

  • Hamse Ali
    Hamse Ali

    Never buying from Nike again.

  • kamran iqbal
    kamran iqbal

    How blatantly racist can you be, disgusting.

  • engr daniyal
    engr daniyal

    Yes we can stop u. It was all fine until u did something that u think u have knowledge of dont try to presume what we muslims need this is truely false we are happy and have no doubts in our religion and feel like the blessed people alive. Kindly read the Quran and get some authentic knowledge bofore just judgeing by some fake muslims . 👎 Islam is the best religion and we would never ever want it to modernized or changes the slightest kindly delete this part keeping in view of all the other clips this one isnt giving the same message and doesnt make sence and truely shows that it was just a markiting stratagy but believe me majority of the earth is filled with Muslims and u will InsahAllah lose your sales. May Allah guide us to the right path and a give us all a place in Paradice.

    • M Bayrak
      M Bayrak

      Born in a muslim country, read the Quran multiple times, read a lot about how the religion is formed and all. And I can easily say anyone who thinks Islam has no faults is just stupid. Go on, boycott it, maybe it will cause them to lose interest on Muslim communities and stop them making cringy content that try to target Islamic societies.

  • Wealthy Wallet
    Wealthy Wallet


  • Wealthy Wallet
    Wealthy Wallet


  • Wealthy Wallet
    Wealthy Wallet


  • Wealthy Wallet
    Wealthy Wallet

    stop deleting my messages

  • Wealthy Wallet
    Wealthy Wallet

    adidas gang

  • UmarSZN

    worst ad video iv'er seen

  • Mick Car
    Mick Car

    Muslims Christians and Jews all Abrahamic religions should not own any nike products because nikey is the so called Greek "god" of victory false idol

    • M Bayrak
      M Bayrak

      Yeah, all should hail Odin the Allfather. Repent from these false semitic and Greek gods. Turn back to the true lord of lords! Odin promised an end to all Jötünns, the Ice Giants who threatened Midgard. Allah and Yaoweh promise to end all wickedness. When I look around, all I see is wickedness but there're no ice giants anywhere. Do you need a better proof of which god is real?

  • Wealthy Wallet
    Wealthy Wallet

    hah nike bogus asl

  • Matin Muhammad
    Matin Muhammad


  • Yasir Haneef
    Yasir Haneef

    After this trash, I'm pretty certain that Nike's going to lose a LOT of their money.

  • Ethio Anwar
    Ethio Anwar

    WTF Nike ??!!!!

  • imnotnaj Playz
    imnotnaj Playz

    You did this one bad Nike

  • Abeezy Hamdan
    Abeezy Hamdan

    “And if we don’t fit this sport” as a Niqabi woman skates by, transitioning into a man holding gay flag. Nike doesn’t fit this sport anymore. Let’s transition Nike clothing into Adidas!

    • M Bayrak
      M Bayrak

      Nah Adidas' football kits are awful for years.

  • Anime freak
    Anime freak

    Boycott Nike #islamhasnoplaceforlgbt

  • Jun Yohn
    Jun Yohn

    no one care if u muslim and u say u not gonna buy nike product lmao.

  • Oma1r03

    I will not ever buy any other nike again.

  • Smiley

    Boycott Nike 😡

  • Oma1r03

    We can stop you.


    Shame on you nike


    Remove this disrespect ad

  • WASIM864

    Report this under infringes my rights

  • soiung toiue
    soiung toiue

    Im a muslim and im never buying another nike product after this video

  • Slycx

    So you did two things wrong Nike. You associated a Muslim with pride, and you said “If we don’t fit the sport, well change the sport” when a Muslim women came on. Unacceptable

  • Slycx

    So you did two things wrong Nike. You associated a Muslim with pride, and you said “If we don’t fit the sport, well change the sport” when a Muslim women cane on. Unacceptable

  • Danilo Nunez
    Danilo Nunez

    People will literally get offended by anything these days..

    • soiung toiue
      soiung toiue

      Time to move to adidas...

  • nonenunina

    0:30 is that Jakarta?

  • European Media
    European Media

    Leave politics out of used to be our only escape

  • European Media
    European Media

    When is this going to stop.............The last time people where brainwashed like this was in Europe in the 1930s - Woke Nonscence

  • x3r0w07f

    untill 3 gorges dam busts & nikes child labour gets washed into the sea

  • Db Cooper
    Db Cooper

    That's why I did not buy Nike for the last 25 years I started to change my mind about the brand the last few years especially after you defended Colin Kaepernick but then again you are now showing who you are.

  • أجيال Generations
    أجيال Generations

    الله ياخدكم انتم وكل من يهاجم الاسلام في السر او في العلن الله ينتقم منكم ومن امتالكم اللهم اجعلهم من حطب جهنم اللهم احشرهم مع فرعون وهامان وكلمن كذب الانبياء والرسل اللهم انتم منهم. هذه الدنيا لكم متاع ولعب وعند الله تلتقي الخصوم

  • Haweya Mohamed
    Haweya Mohamed

    To all Muslims let’s stop buying Nike products ! What were you thinking !!!

  • Sapphire Blue
    Sapphire Blue

    The dislike button is looking really cute!❤😁

  • SCP 096
    SCP 096

    Yup. I'm done buying your product. Thanks for showing me what political side your on.

  • Edfuad Mahamed
    Edfuad Mahamed

    The appropriate Title for this is ( You can’t Stop Racism and Islamophobia) 🛑 🛑 🛑

  • Edfuad Mahamed
    Edfuad Mahamed

    That’s kinda Rude guys and Racism

    • God’s Work
      God’s Work

      Edfuad Mahamed religion isn’t a race

  • goblinoid

    Muslims complaining about their use of religious paraphernalia: You're cringe. MAGAs complaining about how Nike doesn't cater to your hwhite feelings anymore: You're even more cringe.

  • Yunas Gazazu Gazaru
    Yunas Gazazu Gazaru

    من اليوم سأشتري سوى منتوجات adidas

  • Ayesha Khan
    Ayesha Khan

    All we muslim should unite and show them our power #boycottnike #freeuyghurs #uyghurlivesmatter

  • Multi one
    Multi one

    Time to move to adidas...

    • Nil sevim
      Nil sevim

      No it's time to leave both of them

  • Anas Mhz
    Anas Mhz

    world be like : we love and support all type of humans and religions except one thing ISLAM, you can't stop us too

  • Chang Alvin
    Chang Alvin

    The best AD ever.

  • Muhammed zain
    Muhammed zain

    You don't need to change us muslim brothers our purpose in life is not to fit according to your rules but to worship Allah for a beautiful eternal life.

  • Hujat ul Islam Beigh
    Hujat ul Islam Beigh

    Terrible as always we consider you the same ! Insulting Islam and nothing else.. I on behalf of all muslims , will never ever buy from NIKE 👎

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