You're in trouble and we need to talk
Joana Ceddia
Once upon a time-actually, it was last Monday- I was getting ready for school when these big, scary men knocked on our door and said "hey, we've arrived and we're here to rip out your window sills." So, they did just that. Our house is an absolute mess. Dust is everywhere, including in the wind. My room; I had to clump all my furniture in one corner for them to do their shenanigans. What the hell is this madness? No, I object. I like my poopy window sills thank you very much and no, you don't have to change them idiot. I will smash my Nokia brick against your cranium.
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  • Ella Sorkin
    Ella Sorkin

    ThE BeEs

  • Grace

    Little did she know she was going to shave her hair off

  • stevenuniversefan12

    do your parents ever talk to you in English?

  • Sunflower Morning
    Sunflower Morning

    The casino in Percy Jackson was a reference to the island of the lotus eaters in the Odyssey! I think Percy Jackson is (loosely) based off of that story but I don’t know for sure and it probably doesn’t matter, I just thought it was neat

  • Lynn. me
    Lynn. me

    "You're in trouble and we need to talk" That nearly gave me a heart attack when i saw that

  • Brai Walker
    Brai Walker

    Ladies and Gentlemen....this was the first case of the corona virus. 😂😂😂 jk. Love you Joana!

  • Kayla Camarao
    Kayla Camarao

    I thought I was in trouble.... Am I grounded yet?

  • Alex The minty
    Alex The minty

    Do u have caronavirus

  • Ümmü Gülsüm Akbal
    Ümmü Gülsüm Akbal

    14.52 "Of course i would shave my head off!" *Shereallydidthat*

  • Mara Brazina
    Mara Brazina


  • Mara Brazina
    Mara Brazina

    In just bing watching your videos

  • ollie but nb
    ollie but nb

    i know that this is like... 10000 years old and someone prob already said it but the Hotel Casino thing in PJO its important like... sOO IMPORTANT for the third book

  • Ssyc253

    How is she not sponsored by Aritzia

  • Michael

    Me: *sees title* *starts getting anxious because of the trauma that is the school calling my mom*

  • Daphne Moon
    Daphne Moon

    What in gods name was that slop/"food" she made!?? WHAT WAS IT 😩

  • PearlLittleMix

    Joana: i have so many hairstyles to try Also Joana: Shaves her head bald I guess you cant do that anymore!

  • Diane Sohn
    Diane Sohn

    14:49 She kept her word.

  • ghena alkhuzaei
    ghena alkhuzaei

    Back when she had hair

  • Kolos Csabai
    Kolos Csabai

    Please collaborate with Simply Nailogical. I just bought a Nike water bottle of course it was blue but I mean it lasted three years and is still alive so that's good for me love your videos bye

  • Ava Alperin
    Ava Alperin


  • Lost Space Bunny
    Lost Space Bunny

    I was wondering why she looked so different and I realized that she still had her hair and I was wondering how in the world she grew it back that quickly and I looked at the date and in this essay I will-

  • Davina Seale
    Davina Seale

    😂 well she did "get over it."

  • Jezzo Tezzo
    Jezzo Tezzo

    My shawn mendes phase has not passed, it’s been six years

  • ThAt_PoTaToE JaCkiE
    ThAt_PoTaToE JaCkiE

    History of John cena hair Cut with craft scissors Again cut with craft scissors Box bleach Brad mondo bleached it Shaved it all off

  • Liv_Liv

    Wow joana really out here active and artistically talented AnD hella smart AND funny??? Fuck my drag

  • Katelynn Florek
    Katelynn Florek

    You may have heard of Spanglish but have you heard of PARCHGINGLISH!!!!

  • DamiStepOnMe

    what's your favorite type of bean? Joana: Mr. Bean XD im seriously *wheezing*

  • PandaJungle

    you really dont need to deal well with people when you're a professor

  • lilo lieske
    lilo lieske

    U spoilerd twd ?!ß!?!!?!?! whyy????

  • iqr czerwiec
    iqr czerwiec

    14:50 oh

  • C h a n e l
    C h a n e l

    take advantage of when you have small boobies bc you would want small boobies when your a full grown adult (to all the 9 years olds)

  • Lune Silber
    Lune Silber

    Wait...they killed Carl??

  • Petronella McSparron
    Petronella McSparron

    Just saying but in percy Jackson nico is one of my fav hotels so I'm not mad they went to the lotus hotel Also I will always think percy Jackson is the better book series But the movies are bad

  • UwU

    “I get out a lot” Wow. That line did not age well.

  • Kaj Bajlori
    Kaj Bajlori

    You shaved your head off!!

  • nvengat

    12:28 if u are taking 4 words in a second,, isnt that 240 words in a minute?

  • The One And Only
    The One And Only

    Who else here is exited for the video, but also just as exited to see what Joana wrote in the description. I promise you if you don’t read it you should! It’s SO funny and I LOVE the stories

  • Jillian Ward
    Jillian Ward

    Omg Joana, you are the best IT-myr, you never fail to make me smile when I am in a bad place.

  • Gianna

    Yous gots a high iq

  • Victor Amundsen
    Victor Amundsen

    12:25. No hate, but if you have to write 4 words by each second of the video and you are editing a whole minute you do not write 400 words, but 240 words. 4*60=240

  • Landmark Studios
    Landmark Studios

    I bet one day you'll shave your head..heheh

  • Kendra Hansen
    Kendra Hansen

    My favorite color is also shrek

  • Moonlit Dragon
    Moonlit Dragon

    *Viewer*-will you dye your hair and impulsive color? *Joana Ceddia*-yes, after I let it grow out. _Umm, about are bald now...?_

  • Azaneth Blandin
    Azaneth Blandin

    Canada: “7,000 per YEAR for an undergraduate degree” “No standardized tests” “No Ivy League schools” “Just do well in high school” USA: MIT with 73,160 PER YEAR 👀 All the standardized tests we have to take each year 👀 Even if u do well.... can u afford it??

  • Vivien Wang
    Vivien Wang

    In the first PercyJackson book, they were stuck in the casino so that later when they introduced Nico and Bianca, we had a back story to look at and understand why they had no recollection of what happened from the past.

  • Spoiled Banana Milk
    Spoiled Banana Milk

    "i have so many other hairstyles!" *shaves head*

  • yo hello
    yo hello

    jeremy cabanban in this video: *i'll wait for my hair to grow out* also johnny carson now: *i sHaVeD mY hEaD :>*

  • Ada Adanır
    Ada Adanır

    Who is here after she actually shaved her hair?

  • Alicia Wilton
    Alicia Wilton

    There are standardized tests in Canada. The literacy test and EQAO in grades 3,6, and 9. No SAT’s though

  • Bryant Colley
    Bryant Colley

    I love how she said “I’m gonna grow my hair out” and now she’s bald. Tea

  • Ava Jones
    Ava Jones


  • Mattx

    Carl? your upset that carl died? when comtemplating the universe what have you figured out?

  • Awesome Derp
    Awesome Derp

    The show died when they killed Carl

  • RX 570
    RX 570


  • sarah han
    sarah han

    Who’s here after Joana shaved her head!

  • Lizzy 161810
    Lizzy 161810

    where you get the microphone from?

  • Michael Mahon
    Michael Mahon

    It's at simp now

  • suraya Taskeen
    suraya Taskeen

    Who is watching this after John Cena shaved her head . . . .

  • Alexandra H
    Alexandra H

    Little did she know when she was filming this that she was gonna go bald🤯

  • Oona Sawyer
    Oona Sawyer

    Dear John Cena, how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

  • Megan Cater
    Megan Cater

    Wait a minute. Joana claims that when writing voice overs for a video, she typically writes about 4 words per sec of footage. If each second equals 4 words and each minute is 60 seconds then you would have approximately 240 words per minute. JOANA, HOW THE HECK DID YOU GET 400!?!?

  • Abbi Didonna
    Abbi Didonna

    Well the thing with the lotus casino actually comes up in the second book series which is why I love rick Riordans writing because little things that seem insignificant are actually major plot lines in later books , his writing is so intertwined and I can’t even imagine how he made it all work

  • veronica buk
    veronica buk

    Wooooow Joana has hair...

  • Maciej Ś
    Maciej Ś

    "I have so many other hairstyles to try" Me: like being bald for example.

  • Waffle Kiwi
    Waffle Kiwi

    12:31 4 words per second...

  • carol

    i love your hair

  • Monkey 2005
    Monkey 2005

    Howdy Joana, Love your videos. Make sure to pray to our Lord and Savior SHREK!!

  • Shelby Hamilton
    Shelby Hamilton

    Joanna I started a IT-my channel bc of you

  • iris arv
    iris arv

    Who else is here after she shaved her hair XD?

  • Y O
    Y O


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