You're Quarantining... Without Me?
Chad & Royce (aka @Trevor Wallace) do be lonely during this quarantine. Any girls wanna quarantine together?? jk ahaaa unless... Check out the Trevor's vid
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FILMED BY: @Kev Amarillo

  • Cherdleys

    yo on jah who tryna quarantine?? ahaaaaaa

    • May_ Love_Child
      May_ Love_Child

      Isn't it a pandemic not an epidemic I mean I'm not hating videos are hilarious and watch thembut I heard that and just thought it was hilarious 😂 tell me if it's an epidemic or a pandemic someone please. Ty.

    • patrick blake
      patrick blake

      Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuup, I'm loving the bloopers at the end

    • Miles

      on jah fr doe i do be

    • Ebube Nwoke
      Ebube Nwoke


    • Jelly Jiggler
      Jelly Jiggler

      On Jah bro ahaaaaa

  • Dennis Villatoro
    Dennis Villatoro

    That hit too close to home Nolan.

  • Ado422

    Trevor hit a peak in this vid

  • azrigal87

    So like..hypothetically speaking, like if your subscribe girl had a what would it be. BUT LIKE LOWKEY DUDE LOWKEY. Like , shiiiiddd

  • tree boi
    tree boi

    A nerdy douchebag

  • debojyoti chanda
    debojyoti chanda

    Lol both you guys are best comic buddies 😂. Love from india

  • African Warlord
    African Warlord

    Quarantine my balls

  • Michael Angelo Collins
    Michael Angelo Collins

    Subscribe girl sooo hot doe!!!!

  • Alex Marx
    Alex Marx

    She belongs to the streets cuz


    Subscribe girl shows her ass every time 😍

  • Aria Purdy-Beirsack
    Aria Purdy-Beirsack

    This is literally me and my friends

  • Christian Dog
    Christian Dog

    Im sorry but the girls voice iss likeeee sOoOo Bitchyyyyyy

  • Marcus Hardigan
    Marcus Hardigan

    Nolan's a great friend. 😂🤣

  • Hunter Dolinko
    Hunter Dolinko

    Hit em with the double glasses

  • Greg J
    Greg J


  • Dark Basty
    Dark Basty


  • Justin Gentapanan
    Justin Gentapanan

    Hypothetically tho 🤔, if you were a skillet could I like rub my stick of butter all over you and make you moist and what not?

  • Hot pepper
    Hot pepper

    It been 2 months already?!

  • House of Dipo
    House of Dipo

    Epidemisendapic. Sounds like parkinson medication

  • Sean Fisher
    Sean Fisher

    Who workouts their hips? Haha

  • rickywilli

    Literally one of my fav. videos on youtube right now :D

  • anthony pizzi
    anthony pizzi

    Nolan is straight my hero. Like legitimately.

  • Pain? Itachi?
    Pain? Itachi?

    "Aha! Saw that online tho" 😂💀

  • John Paul editz
    John Paul editz

    "like moses spread the sea. Was that moses" lmao😂

  • Kuya Arbee
    Kuya Arbee


  • AL

    id buy

  • Radu Cretu
    Radu Cretu

    Let's collab on sex. Dude, how this sentence is so retarded, but at the same time it ain't wrong?

  • Hirzi Alkhuarizmi
    Hirzi Alkhuarizmi

    This skit go dummy

  • Sky Galaxy
    Sky Galaxy

    I love how a lot of the fourth wall breaks go well with the scene XD

  • Baulm.

    "And our ducks, damn ight"

  • MUK

    Love how Cherdleys mostly replies to his comments

  • King Graveth
    King Graveth

    Man the guy on the left is literally Jake Paul

    • Catholic Racialist
      Catholic Racialist

      Fuck Jake Paul

  • Wrench FkingFries
    Wrench FkingFries

    Yee ha ha ha those rhymes I could borrow em ha ha ha

  • AI BOT
    AI BOT

    Hope she doesn’t feel offended

  • Keegan Dettmer
    Keegan Dettmer

    0:40 nobody talking bought the nipple hanging out

    • Fast Internet
      Fast Internet

      Because its not you virgin..

  • Silly


  • Miles Daisey
    Miles Daisey

    “I hear breathin maybe she’s jerkin off”😂😂

  • Ahmed gamez
    Ahmed gamez

    موسي شق البحر نصين ☺️

  • stone thomas
    stone thomas

    that vapor95 deadass kinda freshh

  • Micah Dornbusch
    Micah Dornbusch

    What’s her @ doe

  • 2uld

    im dying...not of laughter because you WONT SEEENNDDDDD A NUUUUDEEEEE

  • Kartik Chouhan
    Kartik Chouhan

    Hey i got a IT-my channel and a pornhub channel which you wanna colab on. Had me dying😂😂

  • Just some guy with bape
    Just some guy with bape

    " *AH AH* "

  • Wolfgang Antonio Monteverdi
    Wolfgang Antonio Monteverdi

    Don't be rude send a nude lolololol

  • ciachofil

    That what it looks like when the guy has a style but he use amphetamine everyday

  • nasty hoe
    nasty hoe

    Bruh the fit tho

  • DankOverloadTV

    whats her @

  • Nixie ~ ♡ ~
    Nixie ~ ♡ ~

    "Let's just collab on sex" 💕Legit😄

  • Memes Hub
    Memes Hub

    1:45 hypothetically if i were to be her boyfriend and see that smile i would simp so hard even Johny sins would get jealous

  • Techn0way

    Black boys talk like this to girls.

  • Fadhriga Bestari
    Fadhriga Bestari

    lmao at 1:41 she cant even hold her smile over dem send epic pics joke

  • Tanner Wolf
    Tanner Wolf

    are thes hard scripted or just improv at points bc its such a seamless transition to in and out of the skit


    Twisted plot that's girl actually really wet hearing those fuckboi.

  • Wack

    Hypothetically speaking like yo gurl if i was the corona would you let me infect you... 🤜🤛

  • Bam Ham
    Bam Ham

    "It was cum doe" killed me.

  • Ricky F. Rivero
    Ricky F. Rivero

    comentario en español

  • Dylan Morrow
    Dylan Morrow

    Girl let's find a cure together

  • Rob Turner
    Rob Turner

    Sup boys! Big ups!! I made a track using this skit tho.. Check it SocialD - SoundCloud Listen to SocialD by Sam Paul on #SoundCloud

  • Astronot

    How is this all working out

  • Finnegan

    That whistle thing the guy does at 1:11 is fucking hilarious, LOL

  • Nate

    Chad: maybe she's jerking off Me: Hey wait a minute

  • Alex Burt
    Alex Burt

    "Like but hypopathetically... could we like... *69?"


    realistically's a pandemic

  • ZZebra

    I see a hot bih' i click.

  • savagewolf doh
    savagewolf doh

    Why they acting like fuck boys💀

  • Ragsaginthebag Live Gaming
    Ragsaginthebag Live Gaming

    But where can I get that lays ear ring tho 😂

  • Aj Mab
    Aj Mab

    Name of the babe

  • CivilWarWashington

    It's so weird to hear my name in this video. And they said Nolan had a girlfriend. That nolan is doing better than me.

  • samy701

    Nice tits.

  • Red Amber
    Red Amber

    sa straivvv

Prossimi video