You WON'T BELIEVE What These SCAMMERS MADE ME DO To Get Princess And Lemon Back... An Adopt Me Story
Leah Ashe
You WON'T BELIEVE What These SCAMMERS MADE ME DO To Get Princess And Lemon Back... An Adopt Me Story
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  • marife marbel
    marife marbel

    your family with esme and guard so go to your inventory and press princess and lemon and you get them back 😊😊😊

  • The little mermaid Music ‘s
    The little mermaid Music ‘s

    Leash so cute

  • Cute Cupcake and Clara
    Cute Cupcake and Clara

    you have them in family so they can pick them up



  • Andrea McCabe
    Andrea McCabe


  • Andrea McCabe
    Andrea McCabe

    Did anyone notice how there in leahs 👪

    • ky

      It’s a role play 😐

  • Eyasha Tazri
    Eyasha Tazri

    Love you Leah ase

  • Coolilcarlos 90%roblox
    Coolilcarlos 90%roblox

    I would squeeze those scammers until they pop

  • sahasra pallamreddy
    sahasra pallamreddy

    I feel bad for you

    • ky

      It’s just roleplay 😐

  • Gala Delgado
    Gala Delgado

    leah can you help my sis she got samer of her nean cow plz she will be so happy in her holive and she like your vibe

  • Hazelia D
    Hazelia D


  • Gianna Slimes and fun!
    Gianna Slimes and fun!

    Love it

  • Taylor Bowman
    Taylor Bowman

    bruh she is so funny but still this is staged

  • RP Mish
    RP Mish

    I DIED WHEN SHE SAID " Faster than the vroom vroom get out me car " LMAO

  • Aluel Gai
    Aluel Gai

    Why did it say they are in your family hmmm.

  • Proverbs 31
    Proverbs 31

    Lol when princess said I went hard on them 🤣🤣🤣

  • Martha Alicia Hernandez Ruiz
    Martha Alicia Hernandez Ruiz

    OMG im such a fan❤💖🌹😊🍕

  • Love Douglas
    Love Douglas

    how you get house??

  • Rida Fawad
    Rida Fawad

    I love your videos

  • Danilene Barcelona
    Danilene Barcelona

    The scammer are cheating and phew yet leah get her pets back yey yey yey yey and scammer is loser ohh yeah I have songs little little little star hit the scammers with a car:)lol

  • Olga Castilleja
    Olga Castilleja

    Princess and lemon are so cute

  • Coraldin Fano
    Coraldin Fano

    leah ashe if a person did that to you make scare them if thats me i will joke ban them then really ban them make me so mad stay safe💗😊💗😊💗💗

  • Deserai Gessler
    Deserai Gessler

    Leah Ashe I sent you a friend request but I’m waiting for you to accept

    • ky

      She won’t accept

  • Landry's Unicorn Fun Slime
    Landry's Unicorn Fun Slime

    They are in her family they are still her pets she’s just doing a role-play

  • unikorn kousins
    unikorn kousins

    i fel so sorry evno i didnt did it

  • Robloxoxunicorn

    Leah u always make my day

  • Erica Crowder
    Erica Crowder

    Hey Leah I'm knew to your channel but I liked and subscribed to your channel

  • Julia Galassini
    Julia Galassini

    mean scammers

  • Mary Ann Rodrigues
    Mary Ann Rodrigues

    I wanna kick that scammer me brings my Ninja side

  • grace thomas
    grace thomas

    I showed them my ninja side and they let us go. 😆

  • Natalie Lyness
    Natalie Lyness

    There are soo mean

  • Chrome Book
    Chrome Book

    your lemon and princess are too cute i like your character in roblox i like pink too

  • Beau Hause
    Beau Hause

    Lemon is obviously in a family because you can only pick her up and princess is obviously yours because you can ride or fly her do tricks dress her up and stuff like that

  • Unicorn Merm8
    Unicorn Merm8

    Unjoin the family or stop recording and record again

  • Jessica Rodriguez
    Jessica Rodriguez

    How do you have two pets out at one time

  • Ellie Lu
    Ellie Lu

    Get a witches. Carvin

  • •CallmxSxgar•

    3:31 hahahahah

  • Milky the Cow
    Milky the Cow

    Oops sorry tags

    • ky


  • Milky the Cow
    Milky the Cow


  • Maria Jose Perez
    Maria Jose Perez

    They are guilty

  • Jason Agordome
    Jason Agordome

    How Did you make your sky castle Leah Ashe cause it looks AWESOME



  • Pearl Tandon
    Pearl Tandon

    Umm they are in your family

    • ky

      It’s a roleplay 🤡🤡🤡

  • Luna Leo
    Luna Leo

    you are in there family unfamily them and get lemon and princesse back huh

  • Holly Fitzpatrick
    Holly Fitzpatrick

    Was that real?

    • ky

      Can u read?

  • Adnan Ali Khan
    Adnan Ali Khan

    I feel bad for her

  • Adnan Ali Khan
    Adnan Ali Khan

    Me to

  • Adnan Ali Khan
    Adnan Ali Khan

    Me ro

  • gaming with hamza
    gaming with hamza

    How do

  • Juanita Mwanza
    Juanita Mwanza

    There is a little trick how to get your packs back when this camera takes your pants you have to go into your inventory and then press the pets that you had and then they'll teleport right back to you

  • Princess Maribel and cousin
    Princess Maribel and cousin

    Yo what is this a role-play because you can easily just have got it back from them

  • Princess Maribel and cousin
    Princess Maribel and cousin

    I know you don’t like swearing f

  • Mark McNair
    Mark McNair

    :3 I like the vid and I think it’s good >:3

  • fatmaelzahraa taha
    fatmaelzahraa taha

    Leah Ashe how many sisters do u have be u have rain and amber and Monica THREE! or do u still have more😧

  • butterfly sparkles
    butterfly sparkles

    How can u take two pets at a time?!?! And BTW HOW DID U GET THAT HOUSE..?!??!?!

  • louisa x
    louisa x

    Im such a fan of u leah

  • Roy Kang
    Roy Kang

    Covid staying till spring

  • Ilona Kubiak
    Ilona Kubiak

    Get the racer car

  • Habbi Shabbi
    Habbi Shabbi

    simply, take them out of ur fam and they will not be able to hold ur pets

  • Gail Coronilla
    Gail Coronilla

    Yay you won

  • Gail Coronilla
    Gail Coronilla


  • Ian Corcoran
    Ian Corcoran

    dont worry leah,princess and lemon will be in your hands soon, you need your girls

  • Shubhangi Mukhi
    Shubhangi Mukhi

    Did anyone noticed that the both “pet stealer” and the guard are in leah’s Family lol

  • Tamika Lang
    Tamika Lang

    You should’ve checked your inventory that would’ve been better

  • hala ahmed
    hala ahmed

    Uhhh they r in her family

  • Anneliese Carrion
    Anneliese Carrion

    You can just leave there family

  • Anneliese Carrion
    Anneliese Carrion

    Leah be smart and there in your family

  • Daiane Hentz
    Daiane Hentz

    A dream?!?

  • Daiane Hentz
    Daiane Hentz

    Ahhhhhh I’m scamming

  • Heart Lance
    Heart Lance

    Hi Leah ash I'm your biggest fan

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