You won't believe what we saw last night.. **LIVE FOOTAGE**
FaZe Rug
Last night, my cousins and I were driving down this scary road at midnight, and we ran into a creepy girl standing in the middle of the street, and this is how we reacted..
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If you read this far down the description I love you

  • FaZe Rug
    FaZe Rug


    • Dilcia Zelaya
      Dilcia Zelaya

      I love you

    • Ass Crack
      Ass Crack

      FaZe rug is that real blood

    • Bailey McBride
      Bailey McBride

      Omg hiiiiiiii I love your creepy vids

    • I Will Eat You
      I Will Eat You


    • TiraBirk Hole
      TiraBirk Hole


  • juanita martinez
    juanita martinez

    Jessica is Mal and chanel is Evie from desendants lol

  • K9 comet
    K9 comet

    i would run her over

  • Anthony Ruiz
    Anthony Ruiz

    Kaylene left her car cuz remember faze rug said take your car to the road in the beginning

  • Keelananddominics vlogs Best friends
    Keelananddominics vlogs Best friends

    I would back up my car and drive away and never come back

  • Quackers gaming
    Quackers gaming

    Cats say meow Dogs say woof Idiots say like this comment like this comment Just stop it’s annoying

  • Latesha Peterson
    Latesha Peterson

    O hell no ima run her over😱

  • Delyna Geer
    Delyna Geer

    If I seen it in real life to me I’d run it over

  • I am Rebel
    I am Rebel

    Give Big Salute To Kelan For Standing alone half and hour in that scary Road.

  • Kaiden_Playz

    run over it

  • Wael Zouitine
    Wael Zouitine


  • xd Ziti
    xd Ziti

    I ran with 300 km/h

  • Galaxy way
    Galaxy way

    Hit it with my car

  • Sneakypoop1

    faze rug

  • Mariana Orona
    Mariana Orona

    I would just be like a heck na

  • The-Remarkable -Gamer
    The-Remarkable -Gamer

    Id run the ghost over

  • Iven Mikhael
    Iven Mikhael

    Juices wrld is died

  • 5680 siang
    5680 siang

    11:17 go!

    • 5680 siang
      5680 siang

      10:41 ahahah

  • Lindsey Blake
    Lindsey Blake

    Who's watching in 2023

  • Harout2008 benlian
    Harout2008 benlian

    I will kill my self if I saw what happened

  • Harout2008 benlian
    Harout2008 benlian

    I will kill my self

  • cece gang charles
    cece gang charles

    3:30 I would hit that shit

  • rohaizad126

    i just found this vid and im intrested so i watched it. and if i saw that girl on the steets, i would continue driving it cant even get into my car.

  • S H
    S H

    someone please tell those bitches* to shut f*** up !!!!!

  • Gacha Cookie
    Gacha Cookie

    I would run that ladie over

  • Jeffrey Edwards
    Jeffrey Edwards

    I would. go outside of the car and Taissa and ask her if you need help

  • Lovelyangi_ii I
    Lovelyangi_ii I

    I’ve since the ring it horrid Amazing prank evens though I would super scared 😱

  • Joseph Chavez
    Joseph Chavez

    I would get so scared that I would cry 😭 nice videos there dope

  • Awni Aghbar
    Awni Aghbar


  • MehCookies_ ty
    MehCookies_ ty

    The first thing i would do is throw smth😂and drive away

  • Andjela Radojicic
    Andjela Radojicic

    9:39 her bronser 😂😂😂😂

  • Priscilla Yoguez
    Priscilla Yoguez

    Crash it 2000 times

  • YTDefaultGang


  • Nadia sweet baby Rampersad
    Nadia sweet baby Rampersad

    Turned around car drive away

  • Jeremy Forecki
    Jeremy Forecki

    Run it over 🧟‍♂️🧶

  • Saw Thoo
    Saw Thoo

    I would throw some hands

  • Katie Hill
    Katie Hill

    I would flip the bird run it over and wrestle it till it go’s to hell

  • No Mercy
    No Mercy

    Beat her up 👇click this if you like FaZe rug

  • Spidey Swings
    Spidey Swings

    I whould run over here

  • Core

    i would hit it with a car

  • Astric Kroza
    Astric Kroza

    if i saw that go back to my house and get a shovel go back to the road thow my shovel and then run it over

  • joe mama
    joe mama

    Haha ahaha i cant stop laughing!!

  • Rafia Naaz
    Rafia Naaz

    Omg I would've literally died dude. 🤣🤣

  • Alex Aguayo
    Alex Aguayo

    your mom is hot

    • Alex Aguayo
      Alex Aguayo


  • Icecubes

    i think a s ghost came along for the ride

  • Wagoner Ashton
    Wagoner Ashton

    hit her and run

  • Kbowzer Moua
    Kbowzer Moua


  • Amaera Battice
    Amaera Battice

    If i were to see that while I'm driving I would back up real fast and speed away and go home or I would run it over then go home lol

  • Celene Cardenas
    Celene Cardenas


  • Xanixy

    i would skadurtle

  • mysterymasterking Mystery
    mysterymasterking Mystery

    Oh don’t worry that happens some time

  • Roqia Ahmadzai
    Roqia Ahmadzai

    My big brother was scared and I wans't

  • Grace Noone
    Grace Noone

    stop swering now f

  • liv robertson
    liv robertson

    anyone hear from Dec 2 2019!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Henry Tischbein
    Henry Tischbein

    Run it over

  • Demonetized 11zane69
    Demonetized 11zane69

    If I saw that in the road I would run her over

  • gina SH
    gina SH

    I would keep going and say..oh hell no not to day and halla$$😂😂😂

  • Rosalia Cuamea
    Rosalia Cuamea

    A Will go back to my house 😥

  • RedFox 256
    RedFox 256

    If I saw it I would run it over

  • Hasnain Maqsood
    Hasnain Maqsood

    I would run over the creepy girl


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  • Vanessa perez
    Vanessa perez

    i would run her over

  • ___vaeh___ ___angel___
    ___vaeh___ ___angel___

    Id run it over...

  • 77 Bouncer code red
    77 Bouncer code red

    Run her over

  • 77 Bouncer code red
    77 Bouncer code red

    Run her over

  • Bots are swety Clan
    Bots are swety Clan

    I’d just keep driving and hit her

  • Alan Garcia
    Alan Garcia

    Run it over

  • rana khair
    rana khair

    I would kill her with the car

    • Terminator-T800 Model101
      Terminator-T800 Model101

      rana khair And u will regret it and have depression and saying inside ur head I shouldn’t have done that.

  • Tatiana Gallegos
    Tatiana Gallegos

    I would run over the creepy girl and wait until it’s spirit is gonna blow away

  • SG_clan

    run it over

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