YoungBoy Never Broke Again Talks Having Three Consecutive #1 Albums, Working With Snoop, Fatherhood
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  • Jesse-James Bostander
    Jesse-James Bostander

    This man said MURDER And he was dead serious 👀💀

  • z-Szlxr

    Yb really out here Talm bout murda

  • John Lubin
    John Lubin

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  • Ralph Minter
    Ralph Minter


  • Troy Parker Jr
    Troy Parker Jr

    Can tell dudes a fake, “murder” real G’s move in silent. Fuck a 4KT/NBA they all rats. Come defend y’all’s daddy in the comments 💀😂😂

  • Kashx108

    1:16 he had a straight ass face too

  • De Santus
    De Santus

    Wow! This is awesome tracks "Dance With Me" by Chad Focus Ft. T-Pain and Raeliss:

  • Trey Finesse
    Trey Finesse

    yb eyes this whole interview weird asf this nigga the devil

  • Mel Swedburg
    Mel Swedburg

    This is rare. His music really his interviews tho.

  • Jordan Brown
    Jordan Brown

    Lil Top Is a 🐐

  • Duke _CookEm
    Duke _CookEm

    Young boy: Murda is what I’m into He wants to go to jail not smart it’s like a taunt to the law he’s out here murderin n gettin away.

  • Tg baby t
    Tg baby t

    That's some real s*** what young boy say

  • Stephanie P
    Stephanie P

    I just want my money backkkk!!

  • Caden Johnson
    Caden Johnson

    This gotta be youngboys first ever interviews

  • 201 alex
    201 alex

    u can tell from the way he talks about others that he learnt to respect everyone and learned a lot

  • Jhit Flor
    Jhit Flor


  • F2Gxtwofourseven x
    F2Gxtwofourseven x

    This was great , yb a genuine dude 💯 hope he stay outta jail

  • jay scott
    jay scott

    This why he keeping making babies if he spent time with them lil rugrats he’s slow down

  • Dre’ Dre’
    Dre’ Dre’

    Dude wanted to get off that murder topic quick😂😂

  • Lily Hills
    Lily Hills

    NBA my boy❤️❤️❤️💯

  • Odis Bennett
    Odis Bennett

    I wish he would go on the breakfast club 😌


    Why it look like he got a haircut bib on

  • Nitin Kumar
    Nitin Kumar

    nba is the only artist who has integrity, hell never do tik tok promotions just to promote his music or features to be richer. He a real one.

  • iiomq_ Prince
    iiomq_ Prince

    He talks like Michael Jackson

  • rich rich
    rich rich

    He look like he don’t wanna be there

  • Mally&DjayGaming

    Nba youngboy the best💚 👇

  • J 1
    J 1

    The 🐐 YB

  • I got 5 on it
    I got 5 on it

    I don't really like his music but you can't hate his work ethic.. It's inspiring

  • Church Content
    Church Content

    just watched this to see if yb was still the goat...i shouldn't have watched it because i already knew he was #IJUSTHIT1KSUBSCRIBERS but youtube keeps unsubscribing people smh...i'm at 995 a fellow yb supporter out?

  • GreenDottedToad 2.0
    GreenDottedToad 2.0

    nigga look gay in the thumbnail

  • GuapGlo

    G Herbo and Youngboy need a song together 🔥🙌🏾

  • Decarionni P
    Decarionni P

    Congratulations 🎉


    “Get down or lay down” 💀he was so deadass too

  • Hardhead Red
    Hardhead Red

  • Harley Muzny
    Harley Muzny

    Does he have Demon eyes All I see is black eyes No Pupils WTF He sold his soul and he been cloned

  • Demitrius Abernathy
    Demitrius Abernathy

    spending that money on them heads lol

  • The internet
    The internet

    he's Humble in heart


    Happy for you&your success Sun!My Sun is one of your fans..any music that he is chilled on..i check out..i love yah too(I'm 57)lol..i survived the streets so I innerstand a hella lot better then the average Elder..anyway..good interview..dude asked the ?'s in a intelligent manner so I'm sure that ALWAYS makes the got a lot inside of you..sending u comfort and peace..your children will give u that peace..make some time for em although it's hard..Big Ups King!Do yo thang..and always stay sucka free!💜mucho love.

  • Vasean X
    Vasean X

    He said ''my kids are amazing '' melted my heart

  • Ai UpNext
    Ai UpNext

    INDEPENDENT??? Lol that man signed to a deal bruh that how he blew up he signed it after 38 baby he been dropping music so he can get out of it 2 mill for 5 albums

  • zebbydan

    He da goat

  • Zavier Sims
    Zavier Sims

    This interviewer should definitely get a pay raise 💯

  • TTMD Kyle
    TTMD Kyle



  • Stiraq 2Real
    Stiraq 2Real

    1:17 his serious about that Baton Rouge dangerous

  • Jerry banks
    Jerry banks

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  • S M
    S M

    Dont mean to bother but im a youngan tryna make it out the hood, I make music if you would like to give me a listen, "Ncl Jojo" on youtube and you can find me "@28_ThomasInc" on insta. Thanks!

  • vloas

    mans been on a grind he aint have time for no interview

  • Kaniyah Woods
    Kaniyah Woods

    Who payed attention to the legend tupac cutting his eyes directly at the camera......

  • J Y
    J Y

    @1:17 why does yb look so serious when he says murder

  • Zac Novick
    Zac Novick

    Bitches still don't care if they get herpes..They gone get some clout n some herpes that come with the 😆 🤣 😂..but his music is raw no hate over here all love much respect to the Youngbull

  • Daily News#1017
    Daily News#1017

    He trying to look so hard😂😂😂

  • Victor Allen
    Victor Allen

    S/o whole nba

  • Victor Allen
    Victor Allen

    Whoa now whatup 33

  • Michael Knight
    Michael Knight

    This dude is almost as brain dead as his fans but dumb kids need someone to look up to also lol

  • Forever Blessed
    Forever Blessed

    All is well when you know it 💪🏾💯

  • Goober

    youngboy and carti should collab

  • Douglas Bell
    Douglas Bell


  • blessing unique
    blessing unique

    Im from Louisville Ky. We fucks wit ya bra...hope you continue to make ur dreams come true young brother. My dude been on the watch for 4 years and he stay listening to you. I guess no matter how old u are u still can learn from someone else!

  • Javon Golden
    Javon Golden

    People are dumb ass fuck 🤣

  • GBkingofcapricorns

    he was askin real questions about him as artist...fuck ALL THE OTHER DUMB SHIT

  • Jamory Carter-White
    Jamory Carter-White

    when he said murder i felt that

  • trace yates
    trace yates

    This dude is pretending

  • Born King
    Born King

    YoungBoy A Talented Artist One Of The Best Out There Now

  • Jacob Seraphin
    Jacob Seraphin

    Dude change the subject so damn quick when YB said murda

  • Fkn Cracker
    Fkn Cracker

    He’s such a cutie no homo😪

    • q frazier
      q frazier

      you cant no homo that

    • YPC M7
      YPC M7

      bro ???

  • A.P.H. H.P.A.
    A.P.H. H.P.A.


  • Lul Jaysmoov Raps
    Lul Jaysmoov Raps


  • Keisha Vaughn
    Keisha Vaughn

    He’s soo Baton Rouge! I just love him!

  • Astral Thief
    Astral Thief

    Is he wearing eyeliner?

    • Daevon

      Nah that’s how his eyes are

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