Your Mom’s Favorite Bad Boy!
Danny Duncan
Thanks for watching! Love you guys!
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  • Danny Duncan
    Danny Duncan

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    • GamesIsLit PlayStation Afkepakt
      GamesIsLit PlayStation Afkepakt

      I was thinking about killing myself, my best friend told me to do something and i decided to watch this video it distracted me so much, thank you for being who you are. Real talk😔💯

    • Andy Kay
      Andy Kay

      You seem like a really good /crazy dude. No idea what I just watched, but entertaining none the less. 🙏🌎🌍🇨🇦✌️

    • Keegan Ammon
      Keegan Ammon

      For real

    • Mikey Rey
      Mikey Rey

      Your sad

    • Aaron Chiu
      Aaron Chiu

      Justin VS Roman fight for $100

  • Cannon Iacocca
    Cannon Iacocca

    The super bad music is pretty epic

  • BikeLife Leo
    BikeLife Leo

    Danny duncan be like: “imagine it cuts to like....”

  • Landon Pawl
    Landon Pawl

    Phone is 661-8797 if I can

  • Landon Pawl
    Landon Pawl

    Wish I be in a vid always wanted to be

  • Landon Pawl
    Landon Pawl

    Danny the best

  • Landon Pawl
    Landon Pawl

    I remember

  • Danny Duncan
    Danny Duncan

    I’m so crazy am I right?

  • Mr. keddington
    Mr. keddington

    I’m Dylan

  • Kimberly Ney
    Kimberly Ney

    that cow that was black you could see it bones like a skeleton

  • Halliekaypee

    Cow shit = Shrooms 🤪🍄

  • Robert Cavanaugh
    Robert Cavanaugh

    I’m eating chicken fried steak 🤔

  • Aariz Khan
    Aariz Khan

    the first ps4 😹

  • Ethan Huxtable
    Ethan Huxtable

    Just ate 2 burgers. Making me feel bad now.

  • Doom Father TM
    Doom Father TM

    "The first PS4" lol ffs!

  • nicktass -
    nicktass -

    “Saving those cows won’t change the world, but for those cows the world will change.”

  • Kalem Wright O Mahony
    Kalem Wright O Mahony

    Its hager from Woodward

  • Owen Alvarez
    Owen Alvarez

    I love beef

  • TrossBossinIt

    That's a Honda A C C O R D bro!

  • Nate B
    Nate B

    Thank Danny for continuing to use kid cudis old bangers 😭

  • Kevin OHara
    Kevin OHara

    Who tf are all those kids

  • Kevin OHara
    Kevin OHara

    Crasy how down there you guys just don’t wear masks or anything. It’s a different world.

  • krizwrd

    What’s with all these kids in you videos that look about twelve and are 15 and shit

  • ryan McCarthy
    ryan McCarthy

    Officially the best intros

  • BlahBlah

    Crazy thing is that Danny actually knows how to be a friend like he visits all of them at random times 🤣

  • Joeseph Miller
    Joeseph Miller

    When I feel depressed, bored, or just not motivated at all I watch him and get motivated. He inspires me. I want to live a life like his

  • Chris Shine
    Chris Shine

    Danny got the best music in his videos I swear

  • Tucker Miller
    Tucker Miller

    Wait he said he got a momma but isn’t that a bull?😂

  • LDR G4min
    LDR G4min

    That poor little kid in the friend zone an he don’t even know it 🤣🤣

  • isaac 2tall
    isaac 2tall

    Everyone questioning why he looks younger then 15.. it's cause he's white and raised in a safe environment treated like a baby

  • Fade Goat
    Fade Goat

    Thank god for u

  • Will Kasher
    Will Kasher

    "Windshield shattered, we just fixed it"

  • Colter Wilson
    Colter Wilson

    I can give you roping lessons

  • Logan Laflamme
    Logan Laflamme

    I remember he still hit the cones like two years ago lmao

  • Logan Miller
    Logan Miller

    Can we please get Danny’s daycare sessions in more vids and it just be kids doing things there parents wouldn’t approve of 😂💀

  • CaidenLesko

    bro i live in punta gorda

  • Paxton Maynor
    Paxton Maynor

    Danny why did a little girl sit on your lap

  • ramzy dfgf
    ramzy dfgf

    Whos mathews parents

  • ryan 1400800
    ryan 1400800

    3:24 he says “imagine” after humping the dude😂😂😭

  • Clara Wright
    Clara Wright

    Y'all realise all the cows their dont get killed, their just getting sold to somebody else.

  • Bryce Hanson
    Bryce Hanson

    What Cudi song is that?

  • Botzz_ J
    Botzz_ J

    My name's Justin

  • Nils Gudmudson
    Nils Gudmudson

    adorable that he saved the cows

  • kehcan

    “The first ps4” 😭😭😭

  • Werassholes forlife
    Werassholes forlife

    Bro we are born to die just like everything else. We used to hunt animals for food then we got smart and raised them to eat. (I still find hunting better)

  • itz shadow
    itz shadow

    Is there a way I could spend a day with you be my dream

  • Richie

    Why is the cow so skinny

  • Fpswanuk

    mann - your buddy franky is a good guy , puts up with the bullshit to have a goood work realtion - legend o7

  • Marcos Morales
    Marcos Morales

    Dude he has the best fucking life just being w ur friends everyday not giving a shit abt anything 😂

  • Kaleb Stopka
    Kaleb Stopka

    Is that really da dolphin

  • Unnamed Gameing
    Unnamed Gameing

    Danny Duncan for president 2028

  • jelly quijano
    jelly quijano

    “The uhh, first PS4?” “It’s a PlayStation 1...” *press Y to shame*

  • Joe Moma
    Joe Moma

    Female cows aren’t raised to be killed. Only male

  • Pace

    “It’s the first ps4” XD, I don’t think that’s how that works

  • lilDanny 112
    lilDanny 112

    Aye Danny if you need a in ground pool let me know

  • Enzo Delcelo
    Enzo Delcelo

    What’s the name of inicial song ?

  • Anonymous

  • mitchell bliss
    mitchell bliss

    Poor cows :^( they just dont belong in rural florida. So fuckn backwoods & hot as fuck most of the year. They so adjust but it's still stressfully warm for them..

  • MaxBelford13 _
    MaxBelford13 _

    This is my life with the kid


    I met Danny once and he ignored me at first but then it turned out he was actually a nice guy. Probably just in a rush.

  • Justin Barzakay
    Justin Barzakay

    I love steak

  • Logan Silva
    Logan Silva

    8:35 whys this shit look like jackass before a stunt

  • Nathan Hayse
    Nathan Hayse

    Can I be a stunt man 😂💯

  • The O’Keefinator
    The O’Keefinator

    “She looks like the horse from shrek.”

  • Memes And strems
    Memes And strems

    I like him cause he isn’t worried about this virus

  • RowFromThe 704
    RowFromThe 704

    If he’s 15 I’m 21😂

  • ur mum gay
    ur mum gay

    you should buy a boat or a x board iv

  • Dylon Allen
    Dylon Allen

    5:10 kid cudi- up up and away. Nice touch.

  • Logan Hall
    Logan Hall

    Justin is literally mini Aaron

  • Matt Chubenko
    Matt Chubenko

    Only the real fans know cousin jimmy

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