Your Mom's House Podcast - Ep. 517 w/ Steve-O
Jeans Up! The Main Mommies are back in Studio Jeans and we may have found our favorite new cool guy who has a problem with authority... Ta-ta! Christina is back from a weekend of doing a couple shows and got the chance to ride on a choo-choo train! How good can trains actually get? And what was Tom up to when he was alone for the weekend? Loving being alone! We got opinions on eye contact from Uber drivers and a Would You Rather too!
Then we have our amazing guest Steve-O, who you know from all the Jackass shows and movies! He tells us about how he got started with that crew, what it was like growing up in his family, and all the crazy stuff he used to do! We hear amazing stories about him painting himself and doing stunts like "Skyjacking." Catch his Bucket List Tour!

  • Vivien

    where can I find the song that starts around 42:30, I know he mentioned it but I didn't have any luck finding it.

  • Michael Bananas
    Michael Bananas

    tom forgot to put his dentures in for this interview

    • Fletcher Litera
      Fletcher Litera

      he doesn’t wear dentures

  • kultawat sukyai
    kultawat sukyai

    I would like to know the name of music introduction

  • losingskin

    Those freakin needles.

  • Alejandro Castaneda
    Alejandro Castaneda

    Ah yes, I’ve found the FedSmoker origin on YMH.

  • Ravangers

    HAHAHA MENTAL ILLNESSS HILARIOUS! SNORT.. cough snort "you should pay for therapy!" SNORT SNORT

  • Moon Moth
    Moon Moth

    Where can I listen to the intro song?

  • wyatt

    great episode!

  • Flavio Herrera
    Flavio Herrera


  • guy00also

    steve o is s boring

  • Yonny316

    Yea, it could happen.... people hit on me. Lol

  • dfsa90

    More like Christina paSTINKY 💀

  • Jack Forde
    Jack Forde

    Who’s here after the unfortunate passing of fedsmoker

  • Comedy Experiment
    Comedy Experiment

    For A Not So Funny Podcast... WATCH:

  • TheJoelSantiagoExperience

    honestly seguras Spanish is decent but he can improve

  • vicente reyes godoy
    vicente reyes godoy

    5:48 lo que ellos no saben es que Don Francisco es un ser humano nefasto jajaja

  • Justin Barrett
    Justin Barrett

    Wow, Steve - O doesn't shut the fuck up, does he?

  • memoreeeee

    Probably the best episode of YMH I have ever listened to

  • Christopher Galvez
    Christopher Galvez

    Beats headphones are fucking trash

  • John Cole
    John Cole

    Was that skyjacking footage ever released?

  • joeyvesh13

    Steve-O being a rich kid explains everything

  • Richard Nunn
    Richard Nunn

    1.30 sounds like Duncan Trussell.

  • Aleksander Åsmund Kristiansen
    Aleksander Åsmund Kristiansen

    The beat head boppin poppin

  • Bisonte Band Mx
    Bisonte Band Mx


  • gmazing82

    2 inches, yikes. can still hit the spot but you gotta push aggressively. Also.... HER TITS ARE NOT THAT BIG

  • DudeAbides8519

    He's much more thoughtful and articulate than I had assumed.

  • 20th Century Fox Youtube 2 weeks ago 4 weeks ago
    20th Century Fox Youtube 2 weeks ago 4 weeks ago

    Deep Steve

  • Dead Kilgore
    Dead Kilgore

    In 9th grade my English teacher had one of those huge 42oz mugs that gas stations have. My best friend noticed it on his desk one day and asked if he could call it a cum bucket! This man spent the next 30 mins laughing because that exactly what he called it with his friends, and why he got it in the first place. Best teacher ever.

  • Ian Mcg
    Ian Mcg

    christina p is so fucking annoying i cant watch any of her material


    His Spanish is like my Spanish. Very good but noticeably awkward.

  • Daniel Walsh
    Daniel Walsh

    Can’t believe people are proud to be American

  • Green goose Guava juice
    Green goose Guava juice

    Wtf is the first song saying? I hear "those fucking n-words"

  • Jose Madrid.
    Jose Madrid.

    Better days. I still can't let go mommy. I hope he still feathering up in heaven. RIP.

  • Toke Asaurus420
    Toke Asaurus420

    Tom your wife dances like a white chick

  • Dan O
    Dan O

    Anyone else think Blueban looks like Justin Gaethje?

  • Bryan Torres
    Bryan Torres

    Don Francisco

  • sanjich


  • Bradley Orvis II
    Bradley Orvis II

    I'm tripping, and that music at the beginning was really beautiful unironically which just made it 100x more hilarious.

    • ConLee

      Those freaking needles

  • John Willis
    John Willis

    Steveo said he didn't think he would live longer than 30. Then he said a few reasons why he doesn't believe in an afterlife or death. Just watch and listen all the way through.Comedians have a difficult time believing in an afterlife which is why they joke so much. Because jokes "aren't real". But what world is real and fake? We're living in the same one. Anyway love the podcast see you in heaven

  • John Willis
    John Willis

    I need the intro for my daily grind

  • Edge Lord
    Edge Lord

    Feather it up in heaven, Conald RIP

  • Mark's Art
    Mark's Art

    This is it, The start of the Fedsmoker saga...

  • That Photo Guy
    That Photo Guy

    Fuck man, Steve-o sounds like a fresh pack of cigarettes, but he's such a dope dude

  • MahoneyP573

    Coming back to this episode during the coronapocalypse....did Christina have covid?

  • ShuNeughu Shuu
    ShuNeughu Shuu

    I’ve seen Steve Os original videos I got off old school torrents sites They were AMAZING I would rate them as good as jackass because it was so raw

  • rey espinoza
    rey espinoza

    Intro song by sean sison- those freaking needles ymh

  • Jack Stuart
    Jack Stuart

    I like Steve O but I feel on this podcast he just did not wanna be there, dunno just got a arrogant even a bored vibe

    • Nic Eakins
      Nic Eakins

      They didn't do any research on him and asked a ton of questions he's already answered in plenty of other podcast

  • Colby Tannoch-Bland
    Colby Tannoch-Bland

    Your momma’s a fucking what? Huh?

  • Damions LiftedLife
    Damions LiftedLife

    "Idk about cool" *2008 bam riding around in Ferraris* Yall was cool af bam just spent his money better because you was blowing it having fun in other ways

  • BearWithMe Asec
    BearWithMe Asec

    It’s crazy to think about how close Steve-O was to death and how long ago he would have died if he didn’t get sober. Possibly weeks after that decision to get sober if he didn’t. Life is a crazy journey and I’m really happy this dude was strong enough to choose dozens of more years of life and such a better life. Good for you brother.

  • caleb f
    caleb f

    The opening song didnt have to go so hard, but it did. kudos lol

    • Lawrence McCowan
      Lawrence McCowan

      anyone got the name of that tuuune?

  • Paolo Marinos
    Paolo Marinos

    52:13 Steve o: starts talking about his destructive and disturbed past, Christina: immediately begins laughing. Hilarity

  • Carl Wolfe
    Carl Wolfe

    By far the best YMH intro I’ve ever listened to.

  • Bundy Williams
    Bundy Williams

    Intro song was 🚮🚮🚮

  • Bud Jordan
    Bud Jordan

    drinking in the morning on quarantine hitting different #2020

  • Danny Delao
    Danny Delao

    Fed smoker debut?

  • Kram Nosnibor
    Kram Nosnibor

    Sorry Tom,Christina is sooo fucking hot.

  • Bearded Beauty
    Bearded Beauty

    Why didn’t Steveo just have his girlfriend go up there with him to suck him off until he was ready to shoot his load out the plane? This is the gayest shit he’s done lmfao!

  • ash evildead
    ash evildead

    Zachass is an amazing channel dude is a god

  • Donamtrx

    Ever see Tommy Davidson do Sabado Gigante?!! HILAAAARIOUS!! Do yourselves a're welcome.😜

  • Cagey Class
    Cagey Class

    Ah so this is the first fed smoker episode rip conald keep featherin it brother

  • Mitch Viking
    Mitch Viking

    Fast forward to where he started his podcast a week or so ago

  • Mike Myers
    Mike Myers

    Speak English or go back to Mexico

  • Mike Myers
    Mike Myers

    Intro made me unsubscribe u funk idiot

  • Nayib Grijalva
    Nayib Grijalva

    Sounding a little tiktoked there tom

  • Brian Pepin
    Brian Pepin

    Holy shit what an irritatingly long intro... Also for anyone who doesn't wanna wait for Steve-O, fast forward to about 46:00.

  • Ryan Hill
    Ryan Hill

    She didn't change her last name guess we know who wears the pants

  • Edison Medicine
    Edison Medicine

    I love how Christina isn’t as white as she looks lol

  • Jon L
    Jon L

    "Sorry for the loss of your friend, Ryan Dunn. I know you musta been thinking, it could have been me. And we were all thinking, why wasn't it?" Charlie Sheen roast

  • Christopher P
    Christopher P

    Is it just me or did tom really not look like a steve o fan in this episode.

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