Your Mom's House Podcast - Ep. 558 w/ Taylor Tomlinson
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Welcome to Lucifer’s Lair with your hot hosts Tom Segura and Christina P. The main mommies start this episode off by posing a very pressing question: Is B stuff more tiring than V stuff? Jean and Jean then take a look at a new rendition of the Bee Gees classic “Stayin’ Alive.” Tom gives us a dental update, and Christina discusses her recent smurfday and the amazing cake Tom got her. They watch a video of a cool guy vaping, and an equally cool Donald Trump campaign video shot on an iPhone. They transition into discussing the recent Chris D’Elia news, as well as Joey Diaz and the culture of comedy clubs as a whole. They wrap up the segment by watching two more cool videos. In one a guy is able to excrete his beanbag out of his bottom; the other is just a cool lady going crazy on some paramedics.
Taylor Tomlinson is a stand-up comedian, and host of the "Self-Helpless" and "This Is Important to Me" podcasts. She talks to Todd and Crystal about starting stand-up as a teenager, her religious parents, the passing of her mom, and her new Netflix special “Quarter-Life Crisis.” The discussion about Taylor’s parents leads Tom to call Top Dog and Charo and ask him their burning question about the B vs. the V. Top Dog insists that back-door is much more tiring. Charo is horrified. The Jeans bring Taylor up to speed on everyone’s favorite psychopath: Garth Brooks, as well as some other cool guys and gals. Tom discusses the brokest he’s ever been, and Christina discusses her Cream of Brown experience. They wrap up by watching some of CP’s TikTok curations, a lane of the Tok that Taylor didn’t know existed.

  • Calvin Alice Ashvyer
    Calvin Alice Ashvyer

    I thought that VPN service that sponsors the show would let you watch it

  • Erich Montalvo
    Erich Montalvo

    Watching this episode in support of your producer’s f-up. Love the show, love the team.

  • Rita E
    Rita E

    I love masks, it means i only have to put makeup on half of my face....

  • Mike Mike
    Mike Mike

    Assholes and elbows just means HARD WORK people, In any context.

  • Mike Mike
    Mike Mike

    She really thought St. Ives was a joke. No joke, real Apricot scrub.

  • Mike Mike
    Mike Mike

    Yeah exactly, the video was great! But TRUMP is NOT the type to pull over and help anyone. He'd make a snide comment with his douchebag son and drive on.

  • Ryan Anderson
    Ryan Anderson

    What is wrong with Christine? The thought of eating cold eggs makes me gag.

  • Peyton Wisdom
    Peyton Wisdom

    1:22:07 she seems like she is lying

  • BrickCity Vapors
    BrickCity Vapors

    i smoke a lotta pot and i like to eat all my stuff cold like christine too

  • Finstor

    So this guest is a comedian? ITs like they had my daughters 6th grade teacher on.

    • sean ranklin jr
      sean ranklin jr

      This is the difference between someone thats funny and someone who writes funny content, she might be able to tell funny jokes shes wrote on stage but shes not a funny person, didnt make me laugh once

  • Bonzo Sircy
    Bonzo Sircy

    Never mind, awesome. Much better than me.

  • Bonzo Sircy
    Bonzo Sircy

    She's cool and cute and no, not ready but better than me.

  • Raving Rooster
    Raving Rooster

    2:25:25 coolchickenwingguy

  • Michael Otero
    Michael Otero

    2:28:33 =MOOD

  • Thick75

    If your really think Trump is “one of the worst people” ever, you’re just as delusional as those who think he’s a God

    • sittingRobot

      These are the same type of people who will complain about what California has turned into, move to like Texas and continue to vote the same way and just ruin another state...

  • Travis Bishop
    Travis Bishop

    This chick is a comedian? She's got a whole lot to learn and I don't think it's gonna happen quick.

  • Colin McMasters
    Colin McMasters

    I really don't know exactly what it is I don't like about this woman. I just don't trust her.

    • sean ranklin jr
      sean ranklin jr

      Think she was uncomfortable the whole time so gave off weird vibes

  • Giulia Sosso
    Giulia Sosso

    Lols tom and christina are DEF gonna have gender fluid non binary kids. Cause life has the best sense of humor :)

  • Kyle McGlothlin
    Kyle McGlothlin

    Are you using Milk in your Cream O Wheat? Is it a lactose thing?

  • George O'Connor
    George O'Connor

    "We where never in each others inner circles" but managed to plan the trifecta joke. Sure. Just someone you "knew."

  • cameron gibson
    cameron gibson

    "the flip would switch" christina 2020

  • Brianna Terese
    Brianna Terese

    I love that I’m watching these out of order and still the last three episodes I’ve watched have had a meth segment. 🤣

  • Chris Thompson
    Chris Thompson

    As always thank y’all

  • Nox Dineen-Porter
    Nox Dineen-Porter

    I've been in the room for an autopsy. I've eaten a roast beef sandwich while dissecting a cow heart. I was confident nothing could make me almost vomit from just feeling disgusted... And then I saw a man vape his own cum. I am 100% going to wake up either screaming or in tears tonight.

  • Heather McMaster
    Heather McMaster

    Watching Tom and Christina just completely mind-fuck this girl gave me so much joy. She came in as one person and left another. Great job Jeans!

  • Aaron Laskowitz
    Aaron Laskowitz

    Taylor is the best

  • senyah

    ok i don't quite get the laughter over the commercial? the message was positive....just my 2 cents, i don't think trump is the worst president, or he is really bad. he's had some bad moments and definitely could shut the fuck up sometimes, but come on. i get racism is an issue folks but it's not as big as the media wants you to believe. it's pretty obvious. and worrying about antifa is also dumb. fox wants you to believe communism is always right around the corner.

  • Anthony Rojas
    Anthony Rojas

    This chick is bland.

  • Michael

    well today I learned that Taylor's jeans are low and loose

  • invo 7
    invo 7

    Two dopey leftist one cave

  • invo 7
    invo 7

    You heard Biden help your neighbor?

  • Patar

    WATCH CHRISTINA PUSH GUEST'S BOUNDARIES. And her husband real her in

  • Colter Muse
    Colter Muse


  • Franklin Enno
    Franklin Enno


  • Herman Falck How
    Herman Falck How

    Watching Taylor react to these lunatics is amazing.

  • Casey Miller
    Casey Miller

    20:44 lmfa the young one already experiencing the Segura rage..

  • Natalie M.
    Natalie M.

    “I don’t watch porn” Half hour later “I don’t watch porn” “Well you should have said that from the beginning!” She did though. Poor girl. Lol. Respect your guests just A LITTLE BIT. But also why didn’t she do research on the podcast? LOL

  • Natalie M.
    Natalie M.

    I don’t understand, for the life of me, why partners feel the need to be close when it comes to the bathroom.

  • animagreed

    If you dont think trump stands for helping others then you guys are the toks. I really liked that commercial.

  • Fun From Above
    Fun From Above

    The double fistin' piston!

  • Larry Einstein
    Larry Einstein

    Taylor feels like Heather O'rourke in Steven Spielberg's Office

  • brosif29

    They scared the shit out of her! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Buddy Buck
    Buddy Buck

    Now everyone is going to call Tom Todd just to be a dick 😂

  • Dick Steel
    Dick Steel

    Christina is 100% my celebrity crush. Super pretty, big tatas and a personality / sense of humor that's one in a billion. ❤️ Cheers to Tom for being a lucky dood

  • What Are You On About
    What Are You On About

    I am in CONSTANT pain because of two car accidents (yeah I suck at life) and Nadav is Googling has brought me SO SO Soooo much joy. Thank you thank you thank you.

  • Daniel H
    Daniel H

    Taylor "Sex is a private moment between two people, so let me talk about it in my standup" Tomlinson

  • Jason Antonucci
    Jason Antonucci

    it's an "a" on the cake not an "e" at the end

  • Bmacagain

    Tim's impression of Jose Dias , Brad Kirkland and RPC are 100 percent on point

  • Rabia Ahmad
    Rabia Ahmad

    that water bottle sittin sidewayz tho

  • Pathfinder2183

    I'm not like the other girls. I don't like marriage. 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  • Samantha isawesome
    Samantha isawesome

    In Australia, Victoria we get fined by the police if you are outside your house without a mask on, can't go for a walk without it 🙄

  • Jaime britton
    Jaime britton

    nothing against the guest but she does not fit in well with this pod cast. you need to be much more emotionally damaged to function well in this scenario.

  • Pixel Thug
    Pixel Thug

    Its so interesting how you turn your back on someone when its convenient

  • Sarge0341

    Drop the white, sis gender babble. Its all bullshit, you guys are smarter than that.

  • Karen Martinez
    Karen Martinez

    Christina!!!!! Lmaaaaooooooo I love you girl

  • Trace Taylor
    Trace Taylor

    RPC Only Fans Banger almost had me cough up a lung.

  • Nintendong

    Honestly I was surprised to see you guys dog that fan made trump video so hard... makes me wonder how you feel about the Covington situation?

  • Rock N Roll
    Rock N Roll

    do you think Trump has ever had a neighbour...!!!

  • Bionicle Snapper
    Bionicle Snapper

    Taylor is kinda hot

  • QuantumBraced

    Taylor grew up very religious in a devout Christian family. She's pretty liberal and cool now, but she's not gonna answer super inappropriate questions, they should have known that LOL.

    • generic username
      generic username

      Oh no, she didn't answer the questions that were not serious in the first place, and which were asked mainly for the reaction.

  • FIFAGamer

    By far the most underwhelming and pretentious guest they’ve had. She’s the type of comedian for good morning America or any other lame morning shows. Please, do not invite her to the show again.

  • aar1551patd5115fob

    Where is that tweaking Bee Gees video? Would love the link!

  • Watching Belly
    Watching Belly

    Yoooooo 2:20:30 WARWICK WARRAQQ

  • Shiftdougler

    Squirrel cheeks there is kinda cute

  • Dwayne Elizondo
    Dwayne Elizondo

    Does anyone have a link to the tweaker man song in the intro?

  • Papa Grounds
    Papa Grounds

    Wtf is that insert after everytime they watch a clip? That smells like some 'murican made DRM legal bs! 😂

  • Papa Grounds
    Papa Grounds

    I like how she has to constantly "dumb it down" for Tom 😂😂

  • Brian Carter
    Brian Carter

    I love you both...

  • gil joh
    gil joh


  • Ankh-ef-en-Khonsu

    That guest was pretty bland.

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