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  • Ambers Channel
    Ambers Channel

    He’ll yea beau did the damn thing he has heart 👏👏 did hella good for 9 days imagine more training no chance !

  • Marisa Barrera
    Marisa Barrera

    Just seeing this for the first time I know ... 🤦‍♀️ (I work nights ) Beau got fucked with that 3rd round he definitely won. Even Maria was like (wtf) . You made me proud Beau .

  • Symphony Marquez
    Symphony Marquez

    I see the ace family there and cathrine brother wife

  • Elaine Lopez
    Elaine Lopez

    Ayeee the ace family & through our eyes is there lit a fan of them as well

  • Elaine Lopez
    Elaine Lopez

    Not me realizing towards the end of the fight that austin , his brother& ddg is there as well

    • Elaine Lopez
      Elaine Lopez

      Oh & ryan

  • Tiffany Alvarado
    Tiffany Alvarado

    Is no one going to say how joe (L&S videographer) made sure Beau didn’t fall @23:08 🥺 need more genuine men like him out in this world 🥺

  • Angel Stephens
    Angel Stephens

    IT-my is where it’s at!

  • Angel Stephens
    Angel Stephens

    Besides the pregnancy announcement video, this one is my FAVORITE! Love seeing all my favorite youtubers! I’m super excited for the main event! Beau you did great!

  • vianney ramirez
    vianney ramirez

    Ok but did anyone hear Austin at 22:46 say “he’s hurt”. Man can’t stand his cheating ass Beau for sure had Bryan.

  • Jada Knocksoftly
    Jada Knocksoftly

    That shit sounded like a dog house a whole lot of barking lmaooooo

  • Evelyn Vazquez
    Evelyn Vazquez

    Meeeee not liking Beau get hit 😂 I'm a baby when it comes to people getting hit 🤣😭 he did good thoe love you guys 💕

  • Blerta B
    Blerta B

    Great job Beau 👏🏻 Maria’s cute I enjoyed watching it 👊🏻😻

  • Ozzy Perez
    Ozzy Perez

    Lmao 😂 caught my self clapping 👏 for Moe. Let’s go!

  • KatyMarie📷

    Beau spoke the truth. 3rd round for what???

  • KatyMarie📷

    That’s so annoying they did Beau dirty.

  • Crystal's Chaos
    Crystal's Chaos

    Props to you Beau for showing up and fighting, I know you don't have beef with anyone but this younger generation need to see stuff like this, show them other ways of getting out pent up aggression #gunsdownglovesup

  • Crystal's Chaos
    Crystal's Chaos

    Ryan fights southpaw that's why it was hard for almost everyone he fought to land a good one on him

  • Crystal's Chaos
    Crystal's Chaos

    OMG Beau please don't let King did whoop that ass

  • Beauty Hernandez
    Beauty Hernandez

    I give 100% of my respects to Beau!!! And I fucken love how Maria is there supporting her husband it’s just them two against hella big IT-myrs but you guys are still my favorite stay Humble always

  • Ceraya MDes
    Ceraya MDes

    @28:30 seconds is how I be fighting in my dreams 😂💀

  • Drea & Tri
    Drea & Tri

    For training only 9 days so far beau did really good. I’m pretty sure Ryan and most people there have been training for a while now and he’s up there with them. Good fight 🥊

  • Otniel Salvador
    Otniel Salvador

    Maria kinda gets on my nerves lol but Beau all I can say is God's got you. Very humble.

  • Joe Moreno
    Joe Moreno

    Beau went like g to me beau took that like real champ does

  • Alexxis Serowchak
    Alexxis Serowchak

    If beau didn’t get tired. I think he would have won that fight against Ryan.

  • Mariah Garcia
    Mariah Garcia

    Beau fights like he’s from the streeets haha

  • Vee Xo
    Vee Xo

    I feel like Beau won 2 and Ryan only won 1 ..

  • Lina Rodriguez
    Lina Rodriguez

    Good job 👏

  • Cindy Landa
    Cindy Landa

    It would have been cool to see Benny vs Tre Carter 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Cindy Landa
    Cindy Landa

    Beau did really good. So proud of him. And Ryan is not lying... Beau’s smile is heavenly.

  • Emily Chavez
    Emily Chavez

    The worst thing a boxer can do is loose balance loose balance your more likely to get beat and get knocked out. Throw punches like crazy your more liking to get tired faster.

  • iMELDA Yoo
    iMELDA Yoo


  • iMELDA Yoo
    iMELDA Yoo


  • Sam

    There’s a whole video guys it’s 30 minutes long

  • ssj.peter408

    This man is a beast in the ring and he bearly started training

  • Kim Hernandez
    Kim Hernandez

    Someone needa put Austin is his place mad annoying

  • Sheylla Hernandez
    Sheylla Hernandez

    I love y’all’s videos but I can’t watch the rest of this one it gets me sooo annoyed cuz beau definitely won the round with Ryan they just wanted to do a 3rd round cuz they knew he lost the 1st 2 rounds

  • Izzy Ramirez
    Izzy Ramirez

    Beau had won the first 2 rounds they only called for a third round cause Austin wanted Ryan to win. Good shit beau!

  • Ariana Rodriguez
    Ariana Rodriguez

    I saw Austin talking crap you can totally tell... He said it was for fun purpose so why talk 💩 SMH

  • chunchis

    Beau had already won lmao “one more round”

  • Michelle

    Beau did soooo good!!

  • Ramona Garcia
    Ramona Garcia

    I CANT bro Austin was hugging the person nexts to him 😭😂 he better have that same energy when he box’s

  • Kendra Kaylen
    Kendra Kaylen

    Love this video! Props to Beau!

  • Vanessa Arroyo
    Vanessa Arroyo

    I like how Beau congratulates Ryan even tho he lost to Ryan that was a good match. I think Beau would have one tho if he wasn’t tired

  • Jailene Valle
    Jailene Valle

    That shit was stupid af going 3 rounds knowing damn right he was already tired 😤

  • Athalia Aguilar
    Athalia Aguilar

    ✨Went out like a champ 👍🥊🥊for the happy wife 💝 and still made 100$ what a great night! #teamBeau 🎫

  • Marilyn Meisel
    Marilyn Meisel

    Who sponsor this?

  • Vincent Cortez
    Vincent Cortez

    Beau so lit too bruh, not full conditioned but he push himself, proud of you bro. 🔥💯💓

  • Vincent Cortez
    Vincent Cortez

    Ryan is not tired bruh, condition is 💯🔥

  • Vincent Cortez
    Vincent Cortez

    Ryan is on fire bruh 🔥

  • Olga Y Adan Mendoza
    Olga Y Adan Mendoza

    Shout out to my boy!!!!!! Beau for getting in there like a champ!

  • Summer Vibes
    Summer Vibes

    Beau is a hugger lol but he did good

  • Luis Barrera
    Luis Barrera

    Beau suck id rock him for estela any day

  • Risa Pacheco
    Risa Pacheco

    I still don’t fast forward the intro. Still watch it all 🤗🤗

  • Josh Murillo
    Josh Murillo

    Ill trow it down with Beu but forget the gloves homie if i win i get to spend time with my son...

  • Angela Moore
    Angela Moore

    austins face the whole time oh my gosh he’s so annoying

  • Angela Moore
    Angela Moore

    ew austin is so annoying he literally stands out as the biggest hater in the room pls get out

  • Bernice Gomez
    Bernice Gomez

    They forgot Benny & tre 😂

  • Itz Breezy
    Itz Breezy

    😂IT-myrs can't fight fo shit damnnn beau could have knocked Ryan's ass out doe come on now

  • Susan Garcia
    Susan Garcia

    Beau will do amazing once he gets more training, even with 9 days training he did amazing!!!! 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽

  • Armando Hernández
    Armando Hernández

    Taylor vs Ryan 🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊

  • Gabriella Edwards
    Gabriella Edwards

    All jokes aside tell Beau to keep training, they should do more boxing matches like this!

  • Gabriella Edwards
    Gabriella Edwards

    How much Austin pay Beau to throw this fight 😂 lmao I like through our eyes, but that fallout looked dramatic asl 🤣 ain’t no way!

  • Melanie Aguirre
    Melanie Aguirre

    Beau WON in my eyes!!! he’s a street fighter u can tell 🙂❤️ he got them hands 🙌

  • Jrb_official

    Beau got solid hits👍 good job bro.

    • Josh Murillo
      Josh Murillo


  • Denise Espino
    Denise Espino

    Girl your pregnant why were you so close to the guys while fighting BE CAREFUL!!!

    • Jenny Jimenez
      Jenny Jimenez

      Omg stfu

  • Artur Dziurzynski
    Artur Dziurzynski

    I’m a youtuber Ryan still an’t shit

  • Amber&Cory *
    Amber&Cory *

    Why is no one talking bout dude leaving & not paying up that $200. Low key messed up tho

  • Amber&Cory *
    Amber&Cory *

    Beau did HELLA good 👏🏼 I could only imagine if he had even more training! He needs to stick with this! Lesssss goooo BEAU 👏🏼😁

  • Anissa Ybarra
    Anissa Ybarra

    I left a comment before I saw the main fight. Beau def won !

  • Anissa Ybarra
    Anissa Ybarra

    Beau a G for this one and making moves! And Maria 🔥 for always having her mans back! Lol team beau & Maria !

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